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Refresh and rethink

So much has been happening in my life, I’ve been all over the show since the beginning of the year. A lot has been going on in all aspects of my life and I’ve finally figured out a few things. Life has changed. I have changed. And my focus has changed on what I want and where I’m going. Adding to that is my starting of a full time job in the next few weeks that will be certainly change everything. Doing the 9-5 thing 5 days a week will be a big adjustment. I suppose that’s what kids and the husband are for – cooking and cleaning ūüėČ They are good for many other things…making me smile everyday is just the start of the long list. It’s been a long road, they are important to me, and I wouldn’t have them any other way.

I’m re-focusing on things and deciding what really matters and can stay and “what will give” as a friend recently said to me.
I love to do so many creative things – photography, writing, my beads, cooking even – that I have to work out which stays, and then there’s my running. It’s become not just that thing to keep me fit and strong, and healthy, but I a new addiction. I have to do it. I need to do it. And as with all things I get excited about, I do the whole ‘bury myself in it’. I have so many plans of where I want it to take me. It is my mind’s saviour. That complete and utter ‘me’ time.
Blogs and social media have had to be reconfigured so I can get the best of it without spending all my time having worrying about what’s happening or needing to update things. I want to be active with it because it makes me happy, not let it take over and be a slave to it.
Blogs are all but going by the wayside. I’ll be around, but in different forms. My personality deemed I opened a whole slew of the bloody things to cater for all my creativeness. The time to re focus which I will use has come. For the most part, they wont be used much. Only the ones for my market, beads, and running.
Facebook would be left completely really if it weren’t for the market I run that relies on FB for minor advertising. Twitter is just sitting there, minding it’s own business.
I’ve taken a liking to Instagram – it appeases my love of creative and abstract photography and connecting with like-minded people for my interests – running/food/jewellery/photography.
The two accounts are Jennifer-marcato and crazychickrunning for those who may be interested. Links for the other are on each.

Catch you all round somewhere, sometime.
Thanks for joining me.
Jennifer ūüôā


Blog Links to Follow

As I will be leaving this blog for an unknown time, here are the links to what I will be concentrating on this year. I’d love to see some, all, any of you come and visit me.
Clicking on the picture to take you to each site.

Foody Blog РFood. Coffee. And a motorbike. Simple and honest food reviews РThe Cafe Run.  wpid-imag5679.jpg
Find more posts about food runs on Twitter using the following tag #TheCafeRun


Photography Blog – through the lens

I’m lacking in photographic motivation at the moment, (even though I am constantly surrounded by it) but my travel photos – at the very least – will be shared.


Beady (& craft) blog Р Marcato Designs

Which also has been sorely neglected. But I’ve decided that this is my year and I plan on promoting the shit out if it¬†¬† like crazy (and working really hard making beautiful stuffs jewellery). ¬†You’ll find Facebook, Twitter and website links on the blog if you so desire following along.


And if you’re interested in my market escapades the market I co-ordinate, please check out the website (Facebook link on the page). ¬†Woodbridge Village Market.


Jennifer ūüôā


Social media and Me.

I had a huge long essay here on my thoughts about the  phenomena that is Twitter, Facebook and my blogging (that is not included in the phenomena) but have changed tack and leaving it as short post.  No need to bore the pants of you.

Facebook: love it, it’s like a whole little community and¬†I have ;met; many¬†wonderful¬†friends there.¬† Yeah, at times it’s a bit high schoolish, but some people¬†just never grow up. After just¬†23 months,¬† a new and good friend is¬†coming¬†for a whirlwind visit from the States to see me.¬† Now, I would never in a million years thought I could have a friendship like this beginning¬†on the internet. Wonders will never cease. ūüôā

Twitter: joined up a few years ago, and after seeing FB, Twitter was too different and¬†weird.¬† Left it be.¬† Fast forward to now and I¬†am slowing getting into¬†it.¬† I do need help with how to make it work better, and how things work.¬† But time and patience…

My blog… has given me grief.¬† I do love¬†my blog and¬†what I am doing, but¬†I start to¬†question myself..:

 What am I doing?
Am I doing the right thing?
Should I do more? Less??
Change what I do?

I’m an all or nothing sort of person.¬† At the moment I’m all about my blog. Of course I can multi task, but when I get stuck on something, that’s what I want to do.¬†
Some things are easy to do, but it takes a bit for it to sink in here, so after 8 months or so, something has hit home and I now have a whole bunch of new things on my blog page.  It just clicked. So I did it. And I just want to write and post pics, and do stuff.

There in poses the problem. Or dilemma.
I know I have changed as time has gone on.  My posts are better, more chatty I hope, than reading like a fact book, and all stiff.  I found, the posts I started reading (part research which is huge for me) that I liked the most, were those that read like a conversation, that they were talking to me.  I wanted to emulate that in my own style, keeping true to who I am.

But what do I write about, do I try to please everyone (of course not, it can never work!), so I write what I think people want to read, or just let it all fall out onto the keyboard (which is sort of what I do)???

The more views we get the better. But do we put undue pressure on ourselves to write better stuff to keep people engaged? Or is that trying too hard.  Do we put in lots of pictures, a few pictures. 

I¬†have given myself¬†plenty of poetic licence¬†within my title blurb.¬† I am not drifting off course, or going somewhere my readers don’t want to go.¬† I have also learnt that long posts are allowed to be cut into parts 1,2 and 3 etc… don’t bore people with too much wordy stuff.
Oops, is this post too long already..?

The key Рas I read today on The Hook Рis to be passionate about what you write.  If you like what you are writing about, it comes across and people want to engage and come back.

If that link doesn’t work, please check my blogroll.

Keep smiling and have a great social day ūüôā

Re-styling in Process…

I’ve been busy playing around tonight – Twitter (might be getting the hang of it, just) Pinterest, loving that – and have also found a new book page that I can link to my blog –¬†Goodreads¬†–¬† courtesy of the widget bar, expect to see it up and running by next week.
So new links and widgets happening and trying to figure out if I can get the Pinterest thingy on my wall.. any help??

Hope you all like my new header.  Mid winter last year, a rather foggy morning in my back yard.  My plan is to rotate new pics each week.  All my own photos in a little showcase I spose.

Keep smiling ūüôā

Yes… I am still here.

Ok, so the last few days have been really busy and the next few will be the same.
I checked my emails – 76 of the buggers, Facebook, over 100 notifications (and soo¬†much going on)… and naturally, nothing on my blog from in-activity.¬† Ok, so those numbers may not be huge to some of you, but for me, it is (also means¬†lots more coffee, lol).

I will be tidying, and  reading through emails/new blogs and other beady misc stuffs; trawling, literally, through my FB pages; maybe working on my Twitter (after many months of not doing anything and actually forgetting it was there, oops), and definitely working on new blogs.  Plus I have kids stuffs to do (haircuts, shopping, baking (Gingerbread men + others), housework (always happening) so I can relax properly on Christmas day with my parents.

So, I am still carrying on, and you will hear from me soon..

I want to¬†take this opportunity to¬†thank each and every one of my readers, subscribers, followers for taking the time and browsing through what I have to say.¬† Without you, I would not be here, and I hope for good things in the new year.¬† I appreciate you all and love to see each ‘like’ or comment notification on my page.
So, a very Merry Christmas to you all and a fantastically awesome New Year. xo

Keep smiling ūüôā