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All systems go…

As my pork slowly cooks to become a tender and juicy meal I have sometime to ponder the week that was and the week that will be.

It all started on Saturday when mum and dad arrived back from their overseas holiday. Mr 9 wanted to have a welcome home party so while hubby and I were collecting them, Mr 14 baked a cake. I ‘entertained’ them while the boys went and decorated their house.
To say they were surprised is an understatement, and it was also to celebrate dad’s birthday which he had while they were away.
As a thank you for looking after their house and doing a few things for them I got a cool retro looking tin of Irish toffee. It’s not a problem.

Yesterday, mum asked me to come and see her. And gave me another pressie. Wow. Check out the best PINK bag. Love it. Awesome, thanks mum!! It’s go a zipper and a flat bottom so is more stable and secure. Comfy handles and an inside pocket for the phone. And it was wrapped in to pink a paper. Brilliant!


And so roomy too. This will definitely be a favourite. Camera, iPad and wallet. Easy.

Sunday was spent with mum at the Craft Fair on its last day here in Hobart, – where I spent a few dollars on some yummy craft items, beads and a book – and then hubby and the kids met me at a friends house for a visit while we delivered a car for loan.

This week has been spent too-ing and fro-ing, some training (in a minute folks) and getting ready for a busy weekend.
There is baking (apple crumble and pizza bases) to be done for an afternoon and dinner with friends on Saturday.
Sunday will be a family get together with my sister and her family and parents. The tables have been booked and I shall be taking my camera with the plan to get some cool pictures. For a birthday celebration or two… (Hubby had his this week).
The weather has been cool and a little wet but is clearing for the weekend so fingers crossed it stays that way.

Next week I’ll be back in paid employment for the five days, (hence the training) which means along with everything else, I’ll be pretty tired – mentally more than physically – I know I know, loads of women do this every day. I’ve just had it easy been a SAHM for too long.
A friend is taking a holiday and there will be two of us taking her place. So between 8 and 5 or thereabouts, I shall be busy. Problem. Term holidays start this Friday and hubby leaves for work on Monday morning, so I have to arrange something for the boys. Let’s see. I think there might be dinner to cook and washing to do and Mr 9 will be sorted with a few friends. I hope.
And when I get home, I may not be in the mood to write anything, or I may not even have anything to write.

The second week of holidays though, I have things planned. A movie day where we all want to watch our own thing (Monsters University, Superman and Pacific Rim) the museum which has been revamped and reopened, catch up with a friend or two, and I’m sure there are few other activities we can organise.

It’s the sort of busy where you are ready to drop and then it just keeps on coming. And the only issue I have with this at this point. Hubby has to leave at stupid o’clock. So getting up at 4, off to the airport, home in time to have breakfast (will be required today more than ever) and a (STRONG) coffee then head to work. And Monday is the busiest day of the week. Wondering if anyone has an IV they don’t mind lending me to drip feed the caffeine…..
I’m not too good at getting up that early and surviving, so I hope my second wind kicks in early, 9am would be good.
The one day I want a decent sleep, and woah, interrupted. At least it doesn’t happen every week, and it wasn’t his choice to make it that early, work plans changed that were out of our control.

In between all the nothingness I feel like I’ve done this week I have been watching the remainder of the first season of Arrow. Love it!! (worth it for the eye candy alone) I don’t watch a lot of tele, but this is one I am loving. I’m gonna miss it when we’re done. But I’ll still have Under the Dome and Elementary to keep me going.


Dam Monsters

Mr 9 has taken a liking to a show on tele called River Monsters. Actually it’s more like an addiction. He tapes it every night as he misses half when he heads to bed and the first thing he does on returning he from school (after jobs of course) is watch the rest of it.

When we first saw it a few weeks ago we initially said ‘no, that’s not suitable for you’ but after watching for a bit longer we also became hooked (I know, bad pun). Which is funny, as we are not that interested in fishing ourselves.
The presenter is a Biologist and extreme fisherman. Going after the big ones. The ones that are more monster than fish, following tales of people being taken by these River Monsters. Searching them out and solving the mysteries. And all with in the constraints of a tv-hour time frame.

My parents have a large dam on their property so Mr 9 asked if he could go fishing while dad (hubby) did lawn mowing. Hunting out the rod and tackle box, (i think dad did all the work though) he was set and ready to go.

Hubby showed him how to cast and reel back in and the idea was to let him practice that for a while. Considering the only thing in dam would be an eel, if there were any left there at all, catching something would have been a miracle. And include a freaked kid as well I think.
I know swimming it in the dam as a kid and feeling the eels on our legs was fun but creepy. Imagine if your caught one by accident.


I took a few pictures and then wandered around keeping an eye on him. When hubby returns home form work in a fortnight they are going to cast off the jetty. Now that will be fun to watch. There are fish in the sea after all.
Boys all finished, and of course the dog is with his mates…


Happy fishing (for compliments or otherwise) 🙂