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Foodie Friday (lasagne, yoghurt and a curry)

Today is the first of my hopefully regular Food Friday posts.
On Wednesday I tried out a lasagne with a difference. My boys enjoy the tuna bake I make and this is simply arranged in a different way.
Tuna Lasagne with a garlic crumb topping. Tuna with a creamy sauce in between layers of pasta with garlic breadcrumbs on top. Sounds pretty delish to me.
It looked really nice but I’d add more garlic and seasoning to the sauce, and mix the tuna into it. The garlic topping was a lovely addition and made it.
While my boys grumbled a bit it was still eaten. If you want a quick lasagne but have no beef mince or the time to cook then this is perfect. You could even swap the tuna for either salmon or chicken (those easy pre cooked ones you get form the supermarket).




Yo-plus yoghurt maker. Make your own at home.

I had been hesitant to get one of these thinking the yoghurt would be either bland or too acidic. That all changed a month or so ago when I tried some that a friend had made. Oh. my. god. Creamy and light and full of flavour. I had to get one.
Not finding one in all the usual places I forgot about it til I did the groceries yesterday and there it was. On the shelf begging me to buy it. It takes about 12 hours to make a batch so I figured I’ll get home and it will be ready for breakfast. Mr 9 decided on the strawberry flavour so we were off.
How it works: water and flavour sachet are mixed in the smaller container then placed in the larger capsule. Boiling water is poured over the top and the lid screwed on. Into the fridge Onto the bench and 12 hr’s later you have yoghurt.

And I stuffed up, royally (i seem to be doing that a lot lately, the easy things I’m making a hash out of, pisses me right off). Hence the correction above. DO NOT refrigerate until the yoghurt is set. So onto the bench it goes and we will check back in a few more hours.

You can get all manner of flavours from natural and Greek styled to regular flavours including low fat options.
Cost wise it’s better than buying the tubs. For a kilo here it’s around $7 and the sachets are between $4 & $5 so once you’ve made at least three the canister has paid for itself ($22) and you then it’s simply cheap yoghurt. I’ll just buy a couple of flavours with each food shop so it’s handy and always ready.



Slow cooked beef curry for dinner tonight.
I love my slow cooker. The boys not so much.
The beef is in (10am) and by 6 tonight will be melt in the mouth tender ready to eat with rice and greens.
I roughly chopped the beef and sliced and onion and poured over a tin of tomatoes. In a jug I mixed 1 or 2 tspns each beef stock powder, curry powder, seeded mustard and a tablespoon of gravy powder. Mixed to two cups with water and then into the pot. I’m hoping the gravy will help to thicken the sauce, if not, then an hour before I can turn it to high and remove the lid/add corn flour.



As I get ready to publish this, the curry is smelling really good and the yoghurt has thickened slightly, (it’s now sitting on the bench where it was supposed to be) but it seems I may be heading out this afternoon so picking up another sachet could be on the cards for a second go.

Enjoy your Friday, I’m off to get pizza bases ready for tomorrow night.
Jennifer 🙂

Tasty Tuesday

It’s starting to look like a week of ‘things’ for each day.
And today I was baking again. Being Tuesday I head out to town with Mr 13 so dinner is prepared early – something that is good to reheat.
Today, I started with Tuna pasta bake. Basic and easy. Tuna, pasta and a cheese sauce, baked in the oven. Did I say how easy it was?

A friend on FB was doing her own baking and that got me thinking. I wanted to make some mixed berry muffins, and decided that with my mini road trip on Thursday, mum and I can take some with us. Hopefully there will be some left. So I made blueberry and raspberry muffins. With patty pans, and not bits got left behind this time.

I was well in the mood to bake by this time and decided that I will spoil my boys make sure they eat something halfway healthy on Thursday when I’m not there and hubby has to feed them. So a savoury tart was baked as well. Quiche, tart, either or.
The muffins were done while the pasta cooked and I prepped that and all the dishes and bench tidied while the quiche was cooking.
And then the boys arrived home. Peace and quiet no longer.

Wait there, is that one missing I see…? Yes, it was good too.

Ahh… Dinner, yum.

And dinner for my boys on Thursday…


Lunch time tuna decisions…

Ok, so that’s a really lame title, but it says it all.
Unlike another blogger I read, I am not a lover of cheeseburgers and I do like tuna on crisp bread, or dry crackers.
Sure I have my favourites, but last time I was shopping I thought I’d try something else. Pays if I read the label though.
Garlic and soy in oil and chilli, lime & ginger in oil. Not garlic, but ginger. I hate fresh ginger.

The first be was alright, but not one to return to, the second. Well I tried it, but it’s got ginger in it, so garlic and soy actually tasted good. I ended up with a more so favourite, chilli mango. 3 Tim’s of tuna after and I have my lunch.
Funny as only a few years ago I balked at the idea of eating tuna out of the tin like this. Now I love it.


Oh, and the dog got the left over tuna. Not sure if he even tasted it. Inhaled more like.

I’m off to finish my lunch, coffee included, as usual!
Have a great day 🙂

Today’s trivia….

More silly trivia that is fun to read, but do we really need to know it?

I love finding these….

We all knew DaVinci was a genius, but did you know how much of a genius?? Apparently he could play tennis with one hand and draw with the other – at the same time!  A skill I think everyone should aim for personally.  You never know when you might need it.

Fish swim in the water, they drown if they are out of the water – kinda the opposite  of us really.  BUT, Tuna will suffocate if they stop swimming.  Poor fish must be exhausted!

More on fish…. if you call someone a twerp, what are you calling them? An idiot or moron..? NO, you’re calling them a pregnant goldfish!! Really.

The Statue of Liberty is one big chick… but did you know her index finger is about 2.5m in length (that’s nearly 8ft!).

Want some exercise… not this kind you don’t, although those with kids might understand at times.. banging your head against a wall uses 150 calories an hour.

Pity on most guys here… facial hair is the fastest growing hair on the body.

And I left the best til last…

We all know women can, and do, talk a lot… on average women say 7000 words per day compared to men’s paltry contribution of just 2000 words.

that’s my word 235 count for today,
Have a good one, 🙂