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Tuesday Postcards

Time for another update. Friends of Kelly have sent her a lovely postcard from Vancouver, Canada. And a better picture of the whole wall. It is getting so big next time I’ll have to do it in sections I think.



Til next week, happy and safe travels 🙂

Travel Tuesday – Postcard update

After a bad start to this morning which resulted in me not grabbing my camera I had to use the phone, which doesn’t give me the same visual range. The post cards which arrived care of friends from past holidays, or given to them from friends.


And the wall as it stands now. So many people have contributed and it’s looking fantastic.


We want more! It doesn’t where you are, if you can spare a couple of dollars, and write a small note, Kelly would love it.

Kelly E
C/- Woodbridge Post Office
Woodbridge 7162
Tasmania, Aus

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Travel Tuesday – Postcards

This week sees a couple of postcards arrive form Kelly’s daughters, and one from Kelly herself – seems it turned up late, as it was address to my other boss and me. (I stand to be corrected as needed, I did forget what was said by the time I got around to posting these)
The Bali one is from Kelly as a joke…




Next week, a full picture of the postcard wall as it stands.

Where are your postcards?
What’s the coolest one you can find.

Jen and Kelly 🙂

Bringing some routine to the madness

While drinking enjoying my coffee earlier and typing the post I began thinking about whether I should bring some routine to the week. Something to look forward to…

Each Saturday I am in Kingston as I have to deliver eldest to work, and usually have something I want to do. Even if its grabbing a coffee while on my own. I haven’t really done much with the ‘Saturday gratitude’ (sorry Judith) posts but Saturdays are my day when I can do something similar with my own twist.
Alfresco Saturdays – given my penchance for chillin’ with my cup of caffeine at my favourite coffee shop (occasionally with my favourite man, when he’s home). A simple post of a picture and few words. A welcome to the weekend 🙂

The posts centred on Kelly’s postcard wall have proven popular, but there is no ‘P’ day of the week for postcard alliteration, so Travel Tuesday might fit the bill (this is also the day hubby usually flies out.) and be the weekly overview of postcard arrivals.

Food Friday can be an overview of anything new I’ve made and tested during the week or a mini review of a cafe/pub/restaurant we’ve been too. Hubby and I do lunch out the day he gets home, which is a Thursday currently, so that works. Has anyone tried garlic crusted tuna lasagne for instance??

That might be enough as I have to make sure I get these into routine, or more importantly, remembering to actually do them.
Is there anything you would like me to write about, set day or otherwise, or do you like my random ramblings as they are?

Jen 🙂

Friday Postcard Day

It’s been a busy week and we haven’t been forgotten. Kelly has sent us four postcards – just to make sure we don’t forget she is having a ball, on holiday, in the sun…..
We also received a postcard from one of her friends travelling through Jordan and Petra.

Any time you want to send Kelly a postcard for her wall please do.
Kelly E
C/- Post Office
Woodbridge, 7162