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So many titles to choose from but this is what you get.

Where to start? The beginning is usually the best. Along with my apology for not being my usual promptly replying self as this little story will tell why.
It all started with the market. It was a beautiful day, the temperature, 35, no 29, no 35 again. Degrees Celsius that is. And windy. Anything over 30 is considered hot here, for most people. The hall was cool and buzzing with lots of people, the wind was predicted to pick up around lunch time to 50km+/hr and we were prepared for that.
It wasn’t until around 2pm that things started get hairy. At 2.30 the outside stallholders said they were packing up as thunder had been heard and the wind was indeed getting stronger. Two minutes later I wander outside, and it was like a cartoon. You know the sort, where people are hanging on to various structures while their bodies are being blown around. That’s what it was like. Gazebos were trying to fly and those holding them were struggling. It became a battle to pack up and in another minute the rain came down. Not just a bit. But a deluge. We were all soaked within minutes. Completely and utterly soaked to the bone. It wasn’t just stall holders who helped, the boys from the general store, customers, they were all there. And the wind. Well it was told later it got up to 130km/hr at its peak.
Someone asked for the other organiser and I took off inside. I stood in the door to the hall and everyone just looked at me with an “omg” look on their faces. I must have looked like a drowned rat. And you know what. I really didn’t care. My friend said she didn’t realise we had a wet t shirt comp going on… She’s lucky I wasn’t wearing the shirt I originally wanted to.
All this lasted a bare 15 mins. Then it was just windy as all buggery. I rang home and asked for a towel and a shirt which arrived just before the power went off.
Here I am soaked, trying to pack up my table. Getting cold, I am wearing shorts, and my shoes are sodden.

Fast forward an hour and I’m home, dodging trees over the road (and moving them where safe to do so) on my way. My boys come out and say “check out the little shed” I look round the corner and all I can do point and laugh. It looked. Like something had just flattened it. And then the trampoline has disappeared into the bush as well. I’m super surprised the bird house hasn’t fallen off its perch. By this time, nothing I felt would change the situation so laughing was all I had left. I’d been nearly blown away and soaked to the none. A shed blowing away was not an issue.

20140210-223336.jpg I’m sure the shed was here this morning.

20140210-223539.jpg and the trampoline seems to have up and left also.

Drying off and donning warm dry clothes, the power is off, dinner is sandwiches, and no hot drink as the kettle won’t boil on the barby.
Bed early and sleep late this morning.
The power is still off. I’m dying for a coffee and we’re both a bit stinky.

I have to pick up the market signs – I’m dreading the damage that may have been done. Thankfully not too much, but one has completely vanished. No frame pieces, no cable ties, nothing. As though it was never there to start with.
We arrive back home, and get ready for another night without power. Gathering water form the bottom tank. Getting the smaller gas stove organised. And then…. that humming noise as the fridge comes on, and things start ticking over again.
Thank you!!
All is now good, but we still have to pump water from one tank to the house one. It’s getting very low thanks to lovely weather and no rain.
Water done, a hot dinner, coffee! and lights. Not to mention a hot shower, and life is now complete.
That’s a shallow way to look at it, but that is the way it is. These power outages are also my argument for having a gas powered house and a generator for lights etc. We’ve had gas water and stove once before and I loved it. I’d definitely go back again.
And this story…. just because it’s kinda cool, and to remind me, us how much we take for granted all the mod cons we ‘can’t’ live without.

Happy Birthday Mr T

My apologies for the mistake this morning with this post. I did it on the phone and then the photo didn’t come out so I sent it back to the drafts folder.
The below is what I had written.
(Nine years ago I was worrying that “it’s gonna hurt”. It had been five years after all. From what I’m told, over the next 90 mins or so I enjoyed the gas a little too much before my little bundle of joy devil arrived. And a devil he is.
He is a whole ‘nother child altogether, but so funny. He has a way about him that the other two never quite got to.
As is our way, he got to choose his dinner, and picked Pizza Hut. But we couldn’t do it for lunch, “it has to be dinner, but not Sunday coz that’s a school night” How can you argue with that).

So that was my first thought post about Mr T’s birthday. We had our pizza dinner (yay, I didn’t have to make pizza) after I spent the afternoon making a double batch of peppermint chocolate cup cakes for him to take to school on Monday. There was also a yummy recipe on the front of a magazine I decided to cook – jelly marshmallow slice. It took all day and I was still finishing it at 11pm.
This morning I was up early ready to make a birthday cake, another slice and then do lunch.
All was cruising along nicely, I was busy and I was loving it. It’s been awhile since I’ve done this amount of cooking and I’ve gotta admit it, I miss it. Things changed shortly after.

It was bright and sunny, Mr T and his friend were outside on the trampoline, and then it happened. He came in crying and holding his head. A drink, some panadol and sent to bed to rest for a minute results in several vomiting incidents and then a sleep. Mild concussion was what came to mind. My eldest played Xbox with our visitor while Mr T slept.

We sat down to lunch – hotdogs and pizza swirls – minus the birthday boy. Oh yeah, Happy Birthday!!

It was around 2 when he decided he was better. I know this, mainly by the fact he came charging into the kitchen with his block of chocolate wanting to scoff it down right then.

A water balloon fight was then ordered and later we took two little men to the pool. Mr T was more than well enough and had a ball. On the way home we stopped at Maccas, boys had a happy meal and I decided I badly needed a coffee. I wasn’t going to ask, but if we were going to call in then i would have one. I was told I deserved it – after all that hard work this morning and then having the man of the moment not even being able to enjoy it!

On going to bed this evening, he proclaimed it “nearly the best birthday ever”
Well I’m happy with that 🙂


Hound Dawg! (Photo Friday)

It’s time for Photo Friday again. If the weather clears up I can do something I have been planning for a while, resulting in Super Saturday Shots (aka photo Friday on a Saturday). As I have also been busy otherwise this week, these pics are of my beautiful crazy dog, again. 😉







Have a great day 🙂