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Postcards update PT 2

Silly me forgot yesterday when getting pictures of the newest postcards, so here is the wall as it stands.

Since I put the word out, all the cards from the left of the awesome Eiffel Tower have arrived and we hope to see many more over the remainder of the year. It wont stop there either. This is a long term project, so any time you are able, please send Kelly a postcard – and let her know where you heard about it.

Kelly E
c/- Woodbridge Post Office
Tas, 7162

Cheers and thanks to all who have already sent something.
Jen 🙂

Postcards for Miss Kelly – update.

It’s been a few weeks, there are plenty more postcards on Kelly’s wall, and it is looking fabulous. Some are from personal friends and family of friends and a few from other bloggers.
The best one yet has to be the last one from Elaine with her bus.

If you haven’t sent one yet, why not? You don’t have to be on holiday to do it. Just a little something from your home town or anywhere really.
Can we top the bus with another shaped postcard?









Cheers, Jennifer (& Kelly) 🙂

Thank you to each and everyone of you! The wall is looking great! – Kelly via FB.

New Tourism taste for Tassie – Behind the Scenes

I love Tassie. And this ad that has just been released is a winner. Funny and quirky but right on the mark it’s the perfect way to sell this amazing place I call home.
Why would I want to live anywhere else?

Happy Travels 🙂
Jen x