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Ten Days on the Island

As promised here is the link to this amazing week of arts and theatre, wine, music and much more. While I am open minded – anyone been to/heard of MONA? – and like things a little different, most of these art installations are just too “arty” and un-interpretable for me.
Check out the website and decide for yourself.


Have a great day 🙂


Sculptures in the Gardens

’twas the day hubby was leaving and of course it is a beautiful day, so off to the Botanical Gardens we went to while away an hour.
All the usual suspects were there, the arch, pretty flowers, the duck pond, Japanese Gardens (complete with tourists taking pictures with their iPads, talk about dorky looking!, it just looks so wrong)…..



And then there were the sculptures. Ten Days on the Island (I’ll find a link for another day) is coming up, or is it already here. Anyway, it is full of art instillations and wineries, and are showing all across the state with lots of strange things popping up. Art is subjective after all. There were no signs for the ticks and crosses, but the castle is part of it…..




And a massive rusty cosmetic mirror, I don’t want to meet the owner of that one.