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No tattoos before your thirty….

Quite some time ago I was in the State library and found this great little book which I just had to pick it up. I mean the title ^^ says it all.

The blurb on the back reads

“…you wont find a singsong entry in this book that says ‘magic happens’…There are no pictures of cuddly animals…It’s the stuff I wish somebody, anybody had told me twenty years ago…”

That got me intrigued… A section for her daughter and a section for her son…. But I think they work equally as well either way.

Be kind, its the most attractive quality you’ll ever possess.

Remember people’s names – unles it’s the guy who rides the motorbike.

Never throw a drink in a guys face.  It’s not high drama. It’s cheap. Walk away.  On the other hand, if he’s groped you, make sure the glass is nice and full.

Take lots of photos – you think you look dorky now. Trust me, you look fantastic girl, and you’ll appreciate the memories.

Learn to fight. I don’t care if its boxing or jujitsu.  The rule is you never get phyiscal unless they touch you or a woman.  Then you’ll know how to break their jaw.

Respect cops. You don’t have to like them, but appreciate the job they do.  It’s a brutal occupation and they’re the first people you call when the shit hits the fan.

Notice detail.  An unfilled glass at a party, a new hairstyle, a certain angle of penetration.  Women love it when you remember the little things.

And that’s it for today’s wisdom.
Jen 🙂

Tattoos. Not the Military type.

Hands up who’s got a tattoo…

Hands up who wants a tattoo…

Hands up who has never ever given it a thought…

And hands up, who really doesn’t care ether way…

Despite so many people having them these days (it’s almost become an on trend thing to get one) there are still a large group of people who are opposed to them. Who pigeon hole those with them as unreliable, untrustworthy, not good sons of bitches. And then there’s the women with them, skanky, tarts, dykes, bikie chicks… The lists go on. But the only people it says something about are those that make the comments. Are they that insecure that they have to make fun of people, or drag them down to make themselves feel better? Comment on something that makes no difference to how they live their lives, and is not hurting them in any way.

I grew up reasonably sheltered. I cannot remember anyone who visited us, or who we visited that had tattoos and yet from when I was 15 I wanted one. I can’t for the life of me figure out why, but I just have.

One of my sister’s comments when I told her I got my first one was “why would you do that?” I then reminded her that she had one…”But I was young and stupid” Fair point, she was 20 and I was 30 when I got mine. (I’m glad I waited too). But that reaction says maybe she regretted it. I’m sure I’ve asked her, but can’t remember what she said. It was a time in her life, and that tatt symolises it.  Does she regret what she did back then. I hope not.  I don’t always agree with wanting to remove them, it is a part of you, what makes you you. To remove it is to remove a part of yourself.  There are some cases I’ve seen and read about where I can agree with that. If you can’t change it, remove it.

I don’t judge anyone on their tattoos unless they give me reason to. In my family, on both my husband’s and my side, all bar one of the women (5/6) have a tatt or two while none of the men do. Interesting. What does that say about us girls. Wanting to be tough, prove something, like to decorate our bodies, or what. Are we just show offs? I can’t answer for them, but .. well, actually I can’t even answer for me. Just something I had to do. For me, not anyone else.

I have one on my shoulder (a cherub), Chinese words on my spine and the so called tramp stamp. God how I hate that term. And I am square-er than a cube, so it really doesn’t apply to me.
Sure I know how it came about. But isn’t continuing calling it that perpetuating the whole reaction around it. Making it worse. Drives me nuts when it is said, but if I react, then it makes it worse. And I dislike it when it’s only said to get a reaction. Childish!
My friends don’t have an issue with it, it is what it is. A part of who I am. It’s all about my character, my relationship and what we are.

I’m not ashamed of them. I love them. They are as much a part of me as anything. And I want another. (I want I want..) I would really like to get another. Something different. A picture, something that symbolises another part of me. The crazy chick that gets let out occasionally. (I’ve been letting her out for a bit lately, and she’s enjoying it rather too much I think).

I’ve had and have friends with tattoos and you know what… I really don’t care. In some cases it surprises me that they have one, (cause I don’t expect it) It doesn’t change who they are. I certainly wouldn’t dislike someone because of it. And if my kids want one when they’re older, well I can’t really say no now can I?

So, what’s your thoughts on tattoos? yes, no, who cares, no idea..??

the year that was….

I start this, a few days before the 31st and I contemplate what I should say.  How do I describe the year that was 2011 from our perspective.  So much has happened in such a short period, and I’m not sure where to start.

Before I continue, a few things I have learned this last year. (it is now 2 Jan 2012).

– who my real friends are, both old and new.

– sometimes scary things can be the most exciting.  Take my helicopter ride over Uluru,  NT.  I have vertigo. Sometimes it behaves and sometimes I am a freaky scared person.  I sat in the front seat of little machine (two boys in the back) glass everywhere and loved every second of it (except when the pilot banked and I swore, he laughed).  That was something I will remember for a long time, completely surreal…looking down on Uluru and the Olgas was just incredible.

– words can’t always describe what you are feeling.  Sometimes the image in your mind is all that matters, and if you can capture it in a photo, then even better.  What’s the saying about a picture being better than a thousand words. See above experience.

– the writing style of my blog has evolved – for the better I think – as I have been more involved.  Not using it as a second thought.  I am more comfortable with my blogging.

– those that matter don’t care, and those that care, don’t matter.

– and the things that count are love faith and strength.  This had been in the mind for some time, then designed and done before we moved but fitted in perfectly for what was to be the future. 🙂
(Plus tatts on the spine don’t hurt that much really. The picture is only  half of the tattoo)

mirror image.

A brief outline of our 2011 …..

The time had come and the (joint) decision (in January) was made to return to Tasmania in December.  Fast forward a few months and early April sees us on the road, all our worldly possessions in a container making their way south.  We, however took a detour, headed west and then north to Darwin.  To visit friends before they moved, and golly, what’s another 1500kms on top of what we were driving anyway.  Then we headed straight south, through Alice Springs & Uluru to Adelaide and across to Melbourne (via the 12 Apostles & a visit to family) where we caught the boat.
Visiting my sister in Smithton and headed down the west coast of Tas before ‘landing’ in Hobart. Total trip, 7000kms +/- some.  See here and here for more.

House sitting for a few months saw us through til we got a house and now we are settled.  Boys are going to the same school we (my 3 siblings & I) attended, Gr’s 9, 6 and 1 and loving it.  Found friends that were still there from 7 yrs ago.
Hubby starts work again for the same company as Mt Isa but this time flying in and out of Perth, W.A. but working in the Pilbara (middle of nowhere and hot! kinda like Mt Isa, but no township, just a mine).

Doesn’t look like much happened, but you’d be wrong.

And now to 2012:
The new year sees hubby moving – figuratively – back to work in Isa while we stay in the cool greener pastures of Tas.
Boys begin their first and last year of High School (& Gr 2) and my goals are simply to work my beady & bag business, improve and concentrate on my blog (ie: keep things interesting) and maybe learn some new negotiating skills to deal with three strong-willed sons, lol.   A minor addition is to keep up the daily walk (min 3km).  Thanks to Runkeeper I may actually do it! 🙂

My 2011 stats have come in from WordPress and considering I have only been on WP since May, the 60+ blogs, 1400 views and 20+ other bloggers reading me makes me happy 🙂

Keep smiling and I look forward to new and exciting things this year! 🙂