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Trip time Tuesday

So I’m back from a little weekend away with hubby – we had a fantastic time – and now it’s time for a super busy week and trying to fit everything in. But thankfully they return to school in a mere 7 days, yay!!
Hubby has left for work again, that makes 12+ airports in 6 days. Luckily he enjoys flying. I am still collecting my thoughts (& trying to word up a blogpost or two) and sorting travel photos from the weekend.

Upon arriving home I checked my emails, expecting a good 150+, all my blogs go straight to email, but there was nothing.  Hmm, where are they, Dammit, they are all in my reader. What are they doing there? I find it a pain to read from there, email is so much easier. I’ll have to check up on that, see what went wrong.

Because of that, if I miss reading your latest post or am later than normal to respond, I’m sorry.  I will get around to it.

I have so much I want to say and put out there, but time restraints mean most of it wont see the light of day.

Before I go for my run, Kelly has received a few more psotcards, one from a friend and 3 from yours truly.  Posted on my way home Sunday from Sydney airport, even though we went to Canberra, our great nation’s capital.

And one from the UK IMG_7602

Have a great day, and there will be posts and pictures from Canberra soon.
Jennifer 🙂