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Bobbin Head

After a much needed sleep – I didn’t realise just how tired I was until I stopped, having landed in Sydney and was at my brother’s house – and a relaxing morning, we headed north to Ku-Ring-Gai Chase National Park and Bobbin Head.
The weather was a balmy 29C (10 degrees warmer than home, and it is still Spring) so shorts and thongs were the right combination.

The area is stunning, with a beautiful river flowing through the valley, a marina full of boats we can all be envious of and plenty of room for kids to run around.
A BBQ lunch was packed, along with the sunscreen and swimmers for the kids and so a closely afternoon was spent simply relaxing. Enjoying the view, playing with the kids (I’m somebody’s new soccer partner) and basking in the sunshine.



Black Swans

Today was the first sunny day in over a week and despite the cold, the sun was beautiful and the sky blue. Wanting to make the most of it I grabbed my camera and headed out.
I was at the beach when I had the most amazing experience. I was checking out the swans and getting pictures, when the they came waddling out of the water and headed straight for me. I thought they were going to actually touch me, but they stopped about a metre away and were surprisingly tame, not being bothered my presence at all.
They are incredible creatures, even with that great beak, and while they are graceful and sweet looking in the water, out of it they are gangly and awkward and waddle with their huge flipper feet.
I forgot what else I was getting pictures for, making the most of this opportunity and papparazzied (sp?) them, revelling in their obliviousness to me.





See more pictures over on the other blog.
Jen 🙂

Aquatic centre – holiday fun




Happy Birthday Mr T

My apologies for the mistake this morning with this post. I did it on the phone and then the photo didn’t come out so I sent it back to the drafts folder.
The below is what I had written.
(Nine years ago I was worrying that “it’s gonna hurt”. It had been five years after all. From what I’m told, over the next 90 mins or so I enjoyed the gas a little too much before my little bundle of joy devil arrived. And a devil he is.
He is a whole ‘nother child altogether, but so funny. He has a way about him that the other two never quite got to.
As is our way, he got to choose his dinner, and picked Pizza Hut. But we couldn’t do it for lunch, “it has to be dinner, but not Sunday coz that’s a school night” How can you argue with that).

So that was my first thought post about Mr T’s birthday. We had our pizza dinner (yay, I didn’t have to make pizza) after I spent the afternoon making a double batch of peppermint chocolate cup cakes for him to take to school on Monday. There was also a yummy recipe on the front of a magazine I decided to cook – jelly marshmallow slice. It took all day and I was still finishing it at 11pm.
This morning I was up early ready to make a birthday cake, another slice and then do lunch.
All was cruising along nicely, I was busy and I was loving it. It’s been awhile since I’ve done this amount of cooking and I’ve gotta admit it, I miss it. Things changed shortly after.

It was bright and sunny, Mr T and his friend were outside on the trampoline, and then it happened. He came in crying and holding his head. A drink, some panadol and sent to bed to rest for a minute results in several vomiting incidents and then a sleep. Mild concussion was what came to mind. My eldest played Xbox with our visitor while Mr T slept.

We sat down to lunch – hotdogs and pizza swirls – minus the birthday boy. Oh yeah, Happy Birthday!!

It was around 2 when he decided he was better. I know this, mainly by the fact he came charging into the kitchen with his block of chocolate wanting to scoff it down right then.

A water balloon fight was then ordered and later we took two little men to the pool. Mr T was more than well enough and had a ball. On the way home we stopped at Maccas, boys had a happy meal and I decided I badly needed a coffee. I wasn’t going to ask, but if we were going to call in then i would have one. I was told I deserved it – after all that hard work this morning and then having the man of the moment not even being able to enjoy it!

On going to bed this evening, he proclaimed it “nearly the best birthday ever”
Well I’m happy with that 🙂


Macro & a snapshot of the beach

A photo post because that’s what I do. Some macro pics of plants in our garden, the dog and us on a trip to the beach one evening….
A trip to the beach is never complete without the rubber snake to try and scare mum with




20130209-183533.jpgof course a sunrise has to be thrown in, it was beautiful this particular morning, but this is all I could get of it.






20130209-183725.jpgthis is how close we are to the main road. The bus picking up my kids for school

Coming up next: wooden Boat Festival and Hobart City parts 1 & 2.

Enjoy your weekend 🙂