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Grand Canyon day trip

Ok, so this will be a super quick post as I am seriously tired, having had barely 10hrs sleep since I left Sydney.
We took a trip to the Grand Canyon today – if you haven’t been you really have to make the time to get there.
In a few words, because I cannot even begin to describe it in much less than a dictionary’s worth.
Wow. Beautiful. Incredible. Breath takingingly amazing.
At every turn there was a new vista to see, a new angle on the scene before you. As the day wore on, and the sun moved, the play of shadows on the rocks was just stunning.

And then the sunset as we were coming home. It was like fire in the trees.


Time to walk it out.

This is how I was feeling when I started my walk this evening… moody and dark.

And this is how I felt near the end of my walk, a little lighter and much cheerier. Not quite glowing, but reflective.


The pictures (from my phone) are a bit dark and not so clear on the laptop, but the sunset reflecting off the clouds and dam was quite pretty.
Jen  🙂

Same sunset barely minutes apart




A brief moment before the sun leaves us in the cold shadow of day

On leaving the aquatic centre from my swim Tuesday evening I was presented with this vision to the west over our beautiful Mt Wellington. (Phone cameras are amazing these days)


Jennifer 🙂

A beautiful end to a beautiful day…