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The perfect pair..

There’s something about the fit and look of the perfect pair of jeans – on yourself or someone else – that just makes you feel so good (perving or otherwise).  And you can never have too many pairs of jeans. A wardrobe staple if ever there was one.
The most comfortable pair of jeans I had?  Second hand 501’s. Pre loved so already worn and soft, and oh so comfortable.
Gone are the days where you walk into a shop and pick out your size and that’s it.
There is something for everyone depending on what you like, and for women the choices keep going. Want to hold in your gut or enbrace those womanly curves, there’s a pair for that. Slim, straight, skinny or bootleg, low, mid and high rise, colours range from the palest blue to the darkest navy and black.
How hard is it? Way too hard. Although for me this week. Not that bad after all.

I wasn’t planning on buying a pair of jeans, but simply wandering aimlessly through shops because I could. But with a friendly and very helpful sales assistant, it was hard to not to.
She laughed when I said there were too many choices. But then asked what it was I liked, colour (light to med blue), leg (straight or bootleg), where it sat on my hips (midrise) and size (not telling).
I got two styles. One  was…too small somehow while the other fit nicely (a little on the big size).
Oh, ok, can I have these next size down in these. That’s so much better.

Not since 10 years ago have I had a pair of jeans that fit so nicely, look good and make me feel good.
It seems the curve embracer’s fit my shape nicely enough and the length is perfect. Down to my heel.  I like a long leg.

I am definitely getting another one of these… now should I wait another month or so and see if I can get the next size down again…?
Go check out your nearest Jeanswest store for more.

something like this, although I wasn't wearing heels.

something like this, although I wasn’t wearing heels.

DO you have a perfect pair of jeans?

A change is as good as a holiday, or in this case, better.

I’m bored again. With my blog themes, or should it blog’s themes. I’ve just a quick scout around and with all the possible themes, paid and free, that are available, I keep coming back to the same few.
When I read blogs I know what I like and what is nice to look at. There are also some that insult my senses. It’s mainly the theme rather than the colour, but regardless of what is writen, I just don’t want to be there. This may be silly, but I have actually unsubscribed from several blogs for this reason alone. Yes, I am that shallow. We are a visual society, things have to be easy on the eye, aesthetically pleasing and all that. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and in my case, blog themes are on my dart board right now.
I do like all themes I’ve picked for my blogs, but sometimes we need a change. Nothing else will change, just the layout, and the widgets, the catch phrase, and the… no, nothing will change once the theme is sorted.
What have I got presently? Well, there’s Coraline, Matala, Indent & Ideation, Retro-Fitted and one I’ve played with from time to time, Manifest. I like each one of these for their own qualities, Twenty Ten and Twenty Eleven are also favourites for their simplicity and ease of use.
Now which one of these will I choose, or will they be something else again. There’s a chalkboard which is cute, but unusable, the holiday abroad one with a timber background. For both I want something I can add my own header to, change the background colours and tweak as I like to get the right balance, and with both being semi business orientated, easy to navigate without being blinded by too much stuff. Sensory overload is not my aim.

So while I go off and waste time check out the themes, what do you use and why? Do you also have a dislike for certain themes?
And because I can here’s a picture of a fuchsia a friend took a few years ago at our old place.


Jen. 🙂

Re-make and upcycle…

This week has been a write off craft wise. And blog wise.

I have finally got some time where I can get sewing again. 
After tidying my sewing things I found a few nice, ahem, daggy, but very retro clothes.  So for a few days I will be mixing it up and changing girl’s dresses and skirts into funky bags…


Classic black and white but with retro styling.

Then will be the adding and adding of many more strands for necklaces.  The week of the chunky multi strand is coming….

Keep smiling 🙂