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Are you emotionally strong?

Tough question for the start of the weekend I know. I just read this and and had to share. If I’m going to share I will pick those that have something to offer, and this is just that.
So tell me, are you emotionally strong?
Link – 15 things emotionally strong people don’t do

Jennifer ūüôā

Ps. Reading this, I consider myself an emotionally strong person.


And so another year finishes…

To put it bluntly, this year has been shit for so many people, I for one am happy it has come to a close and we are ready to turn a new leaf, wake to a new day, a new year and be able to start again.
For some people, they will literally be starting from scratch, just them and their kids. For others, making better decisions, or not making the same ones will be a priority.
The main lesson (for those without personal death and heartache) is that we learn from these mistakes, and figure out how to move forward. Making mistakes is the best way to learn. You know what doesn’t work, and hopefully there will be some fun along the way.

No doubt when I wake tomorrow, WordPress will have their annual stats for our pages out so we can see just how well we did this year. I’m interested in the total figures as compared to last year. I write because I like it, not to get any great message across, or to entertain (that is a bonus) or because I am a budding writer, artist etc. I love it every time I get that notification to say someone has liked, commented or followed. And yet I don’t worry about my most loved pages, posts or whatever else might rank up there. And despite all this, I will be making more of an effort to do better with what I do do. Take better photos, write better posts, make better, funkier more interesting beaded pieces.

According to Facebook, which showed me a highlight of my year, several things stuck out. Not only our trip to Canberra and my fortieth. But family pictures and comments, and that motor bike. The important things. What else is there when you have kids and they ‘excitement’ they bring. Plenty of good times yes, but there was alot of hard times that made me want to curl up in a ball and hide from the world. Soemtimes this is how it goes, it’s how we move forward and grow that shows our true spirit and strength.

This Next year I have several goals. Nothing huge, or life changing.
Nooo! Did I really say that. That is a lie.
If it adds to my life even in some minute way, it is huge, and life changing to my family and me.
There is some big news to be announced. Lots of small exciting happenings. And of course, more kid ‘fun’
Tomorrow is a new day, a new year and I plan to wake and celebrate (with a coffee).
Embrace the unknown.

What’s on your board for the new year?

Have a great NYE and wishing all my followers/likers/commenters, my new friends! a fantastic new year ūüôā

Ps. This was completely different to the post I had written in my head, but this is what felt right, right now, so here it is.

Fun Run get fit time…

Three weeks ago I¬†made the call to do¬†the Mother’s Day Classic, the 8 km fun run.¬† Rather, I opened my big mouth and said “I’m doing the 8k run..” WT..??? Did I say that? Really.¬† Well,¬†there it is. Out.¬† Even when I was registering I could have made it the 4k run, but no, I had said 8 so the 8 it was.
I have a thing for running Рduring High school it was my thing.  Anything over 400m was my race, and the longer the better, although we only went to 1500m where I was.  That or the cross-country.  Granted I have not done much since High School.

Anyway, so there is just over two weeks left and how have I been going?
The first few times I realised just how unfit I am.
If you remember the post about the treadmill (here) then you may well be thinking that I am fit as a fiddle and can run for miles and miles.¬† Well after that post, life got in the way, friends came to visit, we went away, life got in the way again.. and I haven’t really been on the treadmill or anywhere else for that matter since.

My aim here was¬†to get a picture and make some smart remark about whipping me into shape and doing silly drawings to enhance it. Bah. That fell in a heap…

My first few runs were pretty pathetic but I have improved, not a great deal, but I’m definitely better.
I asked a couple of fitness gurus (one of them was Sarah of The Healthy Diva) to give me a few pointers on what is the best way to attack this challenge.

The results of that were pretty well the same – this is good – :
interval training – on a time or distance ratio,
combining both inside and outside work,
keep the body guessing (swap and change the routine and workouts)
as well as some strength exercises.
And always finish with stretches, which I do anyway.  Found out the hard way months ago, that not stretching after a 5k walk results in not being able to move the next day.

So with a 3k run yesterday done and hitting the gym tomorrow I think I might actually do this thing.
There are moments though where I have doubt on having bitten off too much, will I be able to do and not look like a twit.

what I'd like to look like when I run...

This brings me to another point we talked about, which was what I expected out of the run.

A: run more than I walk.
B: finish the race.
C: have no injuries before, during or after the race.
D: to be decided on the day… maybe I check my watch and try to beat a certain time, ‘race’ a few people to the finish line…. whatever I decide as things pan out.

My goal is to finish within an hour.¬† And given I have never done this before I am not sure about how realistic this is… but know it’s more than achievable, for someone like me.

My only hope is that with another 2+ weeks of training my body will remember what it used to do in High school and things will fall into place on the day.

and she does it!

What challenge like this have you done? Did it work out?

keep up the hard work ūüôā

images courtesy of Google.


How strong is strong.¬† And by strong I do not mean physically, but a strong-able-to-cope way.¬† How resiliant are we, our kids? What does it mean to be or have resiliance.¬† A way of coping when things become hard to deal with.¬† Can we learn this or is part of our genetic make up…?

Can a marriage survive if one half is working a 10hr plane flight away..?

Interesting questions I ask myself for probably only the second time ever – since I found out how string I was and how resiliant my kids (and I) are.


My husband and I talked breifly about this subject and the repercussions of certain things when he was accepted for a job that requires him to do FIFO (fly in, fly out) work from Tasmania to the north of Western Australia.¬† A¬† full day’s travel each way by plane.

We have been married nearly 17 years and have had our share of good and bad times – who hasn’t – but it wasn’t until we moved to Queensland after 10 yrs of marriage that we fully realised the strength our marriage has and what lies in each one of us. Our kids included. It was only a year (or less, I can’t remember exactly) of being there that he bagan working away from home.¬† At first it was only 90 mins up the road, but he would be working up to 10 days and then seeing us for 2 or 3.¬† Then it became an 8 hr drive and we saw him once a fortnight.¬†¬† Becoming a ‘single’ mum with 3 boys and no family for support made it hard.¬† But, you know what, I never really ever thought about how hward it was too much.¬† I just got on woth the job that I had to do.¬† We would talk regulary and on occassion I would drive up with the boys to visit.


Then he decides he wants to go a little further… close to, say, around 2000kms away.¬† Now to say I wasn’t happy is an understatement but we discussed the options and off he drove.¬† this time round though, I was 10kms out of town, with NO CAR, 3 kids to mother and only 2 friends with cars I could borrow.¬† Now, I hate to rely on other people, and just the fact of borrowing a car irked me no end.¬† I may be a control freak but I like to be independant, and I in that way it wasn’t too a hard job to¬†keep doing¬†what I¬†had to.

I wont say it was easy, by no means, but I had a job to do and I¬†knuckled down and did it.¬†¬†There is no point¬†complaining.¬† The kids need me etc etc.¬† Some days there was no phone reception and we couldn’t even talk, other days we could talk quite well.¬† Some times the bad days just stayed that way… which made it really hard.

Six weeks later there abouts the call was made that the place was pretty good and we would be moving up – to Mount Isa.

So I just get down and do what I had to do.¬† Plan a garage sale, organise storage, book the train trip, sort out the school plus all the many other bits that were needed to do.¬†¬†I had gained the strength to do what was required and in such a manner that I didn’t even realise that it was there.

By the time we ‘met’ again it had been just short of 3 months.¬†¬† Our kids showed great strength also in the way they conducted themselves over this period.¬† Some kids may have become right little terrors, or disappeard ‘into’ themselves, but mine just plodded along and were my kids, doing all the things they normally did.¬† They were even exceptionally well behaved on the day and half train trip from A to B.¬† Maybe they do listen to us afterall!

Now that we have moved back our beloved Tassie it is about to start all over agian.

But, back to the resiliance and strength… we discussed that even just to 7, 10 years ago our marriage would not have survived.¬† But the strength I have gained has been inciteful.¬† I realise now that I can handle all sorts of situations and not break down or stress (too much) about what needs to be done.¬† I may not be calm in all situations, but I¬†am able to¬†handle things now that would not have been possible before.¬† In hindsight, I was brought up to become fairly resiliant and independant, but it took 30 odd years for me to realise this.¬†¬†¬† My kids are happy that their father is travelling for work (in a good way, they love him dearly) but they have the knowledge that all is good and even if something happens, we can handle it together.¬† I¬†have seen glimpses, and know¬†they have a strength that they have yet to realise.¬† I know they can handle anything, they jsut have to realise it¬† first.

How strong are you, could you or your marriage handle a situation like this.  If you became a single parent?  We do not need life threatening situations to find strength and resiliance.  But a knowledge of dealing with the things we cannot change and those we can.


Til next time, keep smiling

Jen ūüôā