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Monday Music Madness

After moving my stereo into the kitchen (I now need to find a remote for it) I needed something to make my music louder when playing it in my craft room. Between the iPod and iPad I can charge one while paying the other, or play and charge one item. Whatever combination rows my boat.

A little bit retro and perfect in pink – the other choice was a ghastly orange on black – the sound quality is as expected for the price and certainly better than not having it all.




A blast from the Past!

Literally and figuratively.
My husband has this old record player, a Telefunken. It is its own cabinet and player rolled into one. He likes old things like this. So when I saw an old cassette player with speakers that fold up into a carry case I just had to have it. For hubby, although now I have it playing, I might commandeer it.

I discovered music in the 80’s, and thanks to 3 older siblings the genres covered were wide ranging to be sure. But the big thing back then – the singles (on vinyl or tape)and buying an album on LP were the bees knees!  I loved going into town and flicking through records… oh the life..

So, I know cassettes from my youth.  As I unpacked this Sony, no less, and gave it a wipe over I was hoping it would sound alright.  An older friend gave it to me, it has travelled (originally from England back in the day) and was reasonably well used.

There are zippered pouches at the back of the speakers where the microphones – yes, 2 funky little microphones, it is a cassette-corder after all – and speaker cords go, while a hidden compartment under the body revealed the power cord.






I wasn’t sure what to expect when I plugged it in.

Despite many house moves and tapes and records being null & void for yeas, I knew I had some cassettes somewhere… even if were kids nursery rhymes.  Oh, good, they were exactly where I thought they were, and there is my Melissa Ethridge tape. Perfect.
Setting the tape in its slot and pressing play… holy shite – turn those speakers down.
OMG. It works. And brilliantly!  The sound was impeccable, clear and those speakers are still Sony quality.
I crank Melissa up and ~sing~ to my heart’s content with a great smile on my face while I dance round the kitchen.  It certainly cheered me up and brought a tear to my eye…

Another tape goes in – the eject button is like one of those crazy toasters where the toast flips out completely.  Push that button and the cassette just about lands in my hands – and those memories start flowing.  I’m such a sentimental sap, a song, even just the fact the bloody thing works made me emotional.  We all have songs that take us back to a certain place and time…  I now have to find the other box of tapes somewhere and test them all… what fun!

My sons came in and heard Miss Melissa (the second time round) and had that old crooner finger clicking thing going on, it was soo funny, but he wouldn’t let me get a picture of it, 😦
If anyone can tell me anything more about this fab piece of musicla history, it is appreciated.

Keep rockin’ 🙂