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the journey to my market addiction

have evolved somewhat from the first one I did in May 2009.
I had not thought about selling at markets, and certainly wasn’t sure if I wanted to.  I had items in a local shop, which was, unknown to me at the time, about to close down and I thought all was good.  The school where 2 of my 3 boys attended were gearing up for their Mother’s day fete, a huge affair and I was asked if I wanted to have a table with my jewellery…. well they didn’t have to ask twice nad certainly weren’t twisting my arm.  We sorted out a few minor details and i was on my way.

From the picture, you can see I really had nothing much in the way of display and it’s a pretty sad-looking stall.

very first stall - school fete, 2009

One of the mothers approached me and asked if I was going to the new market the RSL were putting on, that Sunday, 2 days away!  I had not heard about it so on the saturday morning I went and made my enquiries.  I was in.  Only just, but there I was.

Again, a pretty sad-looking stall, I had to borrow their tables and I felt like I should be selling second-hand goodies rather than my handmade jewellery… but I had a few people come over and mention they had seen me at the school (this happened for at least 6 months afterwards)

first actual market stall, RSL 2009

Over the next few months all monies I made went back into the business buying props, tables and other bits that are required.  I was hooked!  The monthly market was my thing, and I was able to do everything myself – it had to be that way as my hubby’s roster meant he was often working weekends.  Even setting up and dismantling the gazebo.

As you can see from the pictures I gathered quite a few items and my stall actually looks pretty good now.

one version of my set up, with two tables.

another set up, complete with gazebo and extra props.

Enter Tasmania.
The two markets I am attending here are a bit more expensive, but they do include the table, which is good.  One less thing to lug around in my car, with the boot open.
I have had to rearrange my stall again, from a spread out two tables to 1 where I need to condense what I sell, but still make it inviting and hope that people come and look.  From the pics, you can see that it has evolved, and even as I type this, I am thinking of other ways to add to my table.

Woodbridge stall, Sept 2011

Snug, Oct 2011

The Snug market has a large outside area which is getting more stalls, so I queried the price and for a little less + table I can have my gazebo outside.  Yay!  It is not the biggest or best market, but if I can make my stall more… now where is the word… my neighbour yesterday said it right.  Inside, the stalls just run into each other and blend, but outside I can be a single stall with more emphasis on me.  Something like that anyway.
So, come December I will have my gazebo, 1 table and grab one of theirs and I will try it out.  Even though I will prob miss the Jan one, I will stick it out for a few months and see how it goes.  Come Autumn and winter though will be a different thing.

keep smiling, 🙂