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Sunday Round-up

Ten am and I should probably get out of bed.
Time for a cup of life sustaining liquid – Hot and strong!

Exercise goals…

I’ve walked 35.4 km’s this week and I’m feeling fantastic! My minimum goal is 20, equating to just under 3k a day, which as we say would be a ‘piece of piss’ or extremely easy to achieve.

On Sunday we took a wander and checked out a scuttled boat..

Photo of photos on cameras

Photo of photos on cameras

Monday we went with friends to Snug Falls..

And on Friday I took a couple of boys to the Aquatic centre and afterwards, while they were in the park playing I wandered off and took some pictures of Boat Sheds..

Jen 🙂

Snug Falls

We took a wander off to Snug Falls this morning with friends – sunny but fresh weather, icy cold at the falls, easy and fun exercise for all.
It takes about 30 mins to take the 1km walk down – it’s uphill all the way back! – but with the recent rain the falls were in full flow with the surrounding area looking lush and green (albiet slimy) with lots of photo opportunities. I have to practice with my water shots as I only got a few out of today’s lot that were worth even a consideration for publication.
The mini gallery will be up tomorrow on the Box but here’s a couple to keep you going.