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Sunday Round-up

Ten am and I should probably get out of bed.
Time for a cup of life sustaining liquid – Hot and strong!

Exercise goals…

I’ve walked 35.4 km’s this week and I’m feeling fantastic! My minimum goal is 20, equating to just under 3k a day, which as we say would be a ‘piece of piss’ or extremely easy to achieve.

On Sunday we took a wander and checked out a scuttled boat..

Photo of photos on cameras

Photo of photos on cameras

Monday we went with friends to Snug Falls..

And on Friday I took a couple of boys to the Aquatic centre and afterwards, while they were in the park playing I wandered off and took some pictures of Boat Sheds..

Jen 🙂

Lazy Saturday Morning (Alfresco Saturday)

There’s nothing better after a long busy week than being able to sleep in on a Saturday morning.
To let your body wake up when it’s ready, NOT
when the alarm goes off, or Mr 17 gets ready for work, but when you are ready.
You’re snuggled under the blankets, the gentle ache of yesterdays gym class evident, and you have no pressing issues to address.

I love these days.
And it follows on with a healthy breakfast and hot coffee.
How can you beat that?

yoghurt, cereal, milk, banana, maple syrup...Yum!

yoghurt, cereal, banana and maple syrup…Yum!