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Shot Tower & Saturday night with friends

Last Saturday was one of those days. On the go. And not necessarily because of Christmas, that didn’t help with the parking or shopping we had to do of course, but it was a beautiful day so you couldn’t help but feel happy. A real summer’s day (pity it didn’t last and it has rained half of this week).
We have passed but not stopped at the Shot Tower several times since being back in the state so this was our first stop of the day. At 48m (not 480m) it is high enough to get the nerves going but I seem to have gotten over this particular height, and has a fascinating history. You can check that out here. And more pictures here.

Sunny and warm maybe, but at the top it was windy enough to need to hold your hats. Or my dress as the case may be. The man decided he would snavel my camera and get a few pictures of me. I’d really like some more shots, boots and all. One day.

Once back home and after several wardrobe changes it was back to ‘the pub’ for a surprise-that-was-no-longer-a-surprise dinner. In and around the conversation I got pictures, drank bubbly, more pictures, food, bubbly… you get it.
I was asked if I was going to blog about it, “well, duh. I don’t do names, or faces, you are simply ‘my friends who need no excuse to get together and have a good time’ unless you want your faces shown…?”
Oh no. They’re not really that shy. You can hear us down the street when we really get going.
As usual a great time was had by all, and I’m sure there will be more to come in the new year.


A bag full of adventures…

After a long day yesterday,  a mis-communication with my kids (yes dinner survived and was not too bad) we had a good sleep and rose this morning to hot coffee and decisions on what to do…

I convinced my friend to try Vegemite!  There will be a post that includes this topic later.

A trip to the city, a drive to town… and we now have a bag full of broch’s – brochures – if you slow down the talk – to go through and work out our next adventure. 
At the information shop I pointed out all the places I thought we would see as C gathered lots of postcards ready to send home 🙂

We wandered Salamanca (Tassie Furniture shop etc), popped through the Casino, and checked out the Shot Tower at Taroona.

I am soon to try out my fabby new pressie – thanks C soo much! – a coffee grinder for the coffee beans that arrived from her suitcase… mmm.

Now, it’s off to do dinner with a nice glass of wine.

Keep smiling and keep posted for the next instalment.
Jennifer 🙂