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Movie Decisions

I’m after a little help here. It’s not often I get to go to the cinema on my own. And the decision is not usually so hard.
I have to take the car for its service on Thursday and so have a few hours to fill in. What better time to actually get in a movie without worrying about what anyone else wants.

My choices are:
Iron Man 3 – want to, but is it that important right now?
Star Trek: totally not a fan of the shows, but I’ve seen the previews several times now and am really intrigued + I saw some eye candy in there.
Oblivion: not a fan of Tom Cruise, on or off the screen, but I saw some merit in the previews.
Fast and Furious 6: easy choice, of course, fast cars, lots of eye candy, but is there anything else?

Of course there are others, (kids movies, chick flicks and funny stuff) but these are the ones I am line for.
Wat do you think, have you seen any, what would you recommend??

Get that popcorn cookin’
Jen 🙂


Book review – Vokhtah

We’re in a book shop. Which direction would you go. What genre would you make a bee line for?
For me, the sci-fi/fantasy section would be last on the list. Well, maybe a tie with politics, but you get the idea. Not my cup of tea.
So it was a surprise to me after reading the blurb of a fellow bloggers book that I opened the wallet and bought it. It drew me in and I was compelled to check it out.

I like my books with real life characters and places, things I can relate to. Words I can pronounce (mostly anyway). I don’t mind watching the odd sci-fi or fantasy styled movie, I am a visual person like that, but books have to be based on something ‘real’, whether it’s murder and mayhem, espionage, humour or the odd chick-lit.

I’m not sure what I was expecting. Except that it had to draw me in long enough to want to finish it. And it did that. I was surprised to find that although it was a struggle sometimes, without a solid picture in mind of scenes, I was determined to finish the book. There are not many I have not finished and I didn’t want to add this to the list.

By the time I was a quarter through the story started warming up and I was now curious to find out what happened. A few times I was confused as to what was happening and where characters were in relation to the others and the rest of the story, but these times were short lived by back reading a bit. (I tried to read it as quickly as possible to eliminate this from happening again, I think 2 days is not bad)

The main characters were definitely likeable and I found myself hoping they would survive. The storyline was solid and yes, everything well described. Astonishing well. I would have liked a map of the planet and where they travelled to give me a better perspective (maybe the book itself has one) so I could follow along with the visual; a list of the hierarchy would have been helpful also. On the other side, it did include a dictionary and pronunciation guide which proved helpful.
Over all a very well written, exceptional novel which I am glad I read. I may not be a sci-fi convert but this was well worth the read. If you like the genre, get the book!!

Vokhtah by A.C. Flory is available on Amazon and you can read her blog here at Meeka’s Mind.

This was written from the mind set of someone whose idea of sci-fi starts and ends with the likes of Star Trek, (which has not been watched) and who prefers her books with more human than alien characters.

Happy reading 🙂