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School bake day


Yesterday I was informed that in today’s cooking class Mr 15 would be making chocolate cake and needed a container to bring it home in.
And not just any chocolate cake, this one had apple in it. Cool.

And this is what arrived at around 3.30 this afternoon.
The apple and cinnamon give it an almost gingerbready  taste.  It’s more like an apple pie with cake instead of pastry, and very tasty. I’ve requested told him that I need the recipe, please.
This is definitely one I will make for a dessert cake any time. Add custard and/or ice cream and I’m we’re set.

Til then, I’ll be waiting patiently.
Jen 🙂

Friday Food – Fair Baking

The plan: chocolate cake and coconut ice + maybe another cake.
The result: one burnt burnt and broken mud cake.
The inside tastes pretty good, but it’s not suitable for School Fair selling or consumption. So we get to eat it. Shame about that.

The plan (take 2, its now Friday, Fair day): Coconut and Raspberry Loaf, Chocolate Fudge Brownie cake and coconut ice. (I’m stuck on this since I decided and I will make it!)
The result: Coconut cake is cooked, with strawberries instead. Smells divine. The brownie cake is in. And the one thing I didn’t get from the supermarket is the one thing you need for coconut ice – copha!! – so a friend will pick some up for me while out. It will be made!

Coconut and Raspberry Loaf. see recipe here.
My changes were strawberries instead of raspberries, and made it a cake rather than a loaf.

flour, egg and sugar and strawberries.

flour, egg and sugar and strawberries.

coconut and coconut milk

coconut and coconut milk

Chocolate Brownie Fudge Cake. See recipe here.
I omitted the nuts as I didn’t have any and added extra chocolate.

ready to bake

ready to bake

egg and vanilla and chocolate and butter

egg and vanilla and chocolate and butter

flour and lots of chocolate

flour and lots of chocolate

And Coconut Ice. Rainbow Coconut Ice. See recipe here.
I doubled the recipe and didn’t quite leave it long enough as it was a little crumbly, but still looked pretty good.
way too much icing/powdered sugar, coconut with a colour selection, egg whites and melted copha

way too much icing/powdered sugar, coconut with a colour selection, egg whites and melted copha

All three ready to go.

All three ready to go.

And a few shots of the school early on before the crowds turned up. All those empty spaces – full with lots of happy people with food and drinks and kids with their purchases.
There were horse rides, a jumping castle, the local fire brigade, sushi, Thai food, bbq, milkshakes made by riding a bike, and even Halloween pumpkins.
My dinner consisted of sushi, chicken satay and waffle with ice cream for dessert.
How cool is it to go to school in a place like this?




Have a great weekend 🙂

It’s been a week of….

This week has been one of those weeks. Full of everything and absolutely nothing at the same time. I’ve been busy around the house, we’ve visited friends, made an impromptu trip to the schools Arts Evening, picked up a motorcycle, I’ve got a market today to get ready forays working out what we are doing, want to do and need to do next week.
Then the school holidays start and, yep, once again, Hubby will be at work. That seems to be the tune this year, he’s at work during the kids’ holidays. Can’t be helped. And ill be working – around driving Mr 17 to and from work, or maybe the bus stop.

The school Arts Evening is a culmination of their work over the year to now. They have a gallery of pictures, and the bulk of their media and music work. Media shows included advertisements and school promos the kids make. Everything by the kids, and overseen by the teacher. The younger classes (the school is Kinder to Gr 10, 5yrs-15/16) do small performances based on a theme that has been chosen. This year was Carnivale, with poetry included from the older grades. There is also singing and music solos by older students.
The impromptu visit? The weather was crap and I’d decided not to go, mr 9 comes home and announces we have to leave by quarter to six. Why? What? He has been working on his class performance all week and somehow forgets to tell me he is involved. We weren’t happy, but can’t not go. Leaving the older at home – their choice – we head out and have a light dinner at the street food fair – BBQ and curries, cakes and drinks – before hand and meet a few friends. All this is fundraising for the year 9/10 for their end of year trip. I’m always happy to help out with these as one day, (next year) this will be for us.

Today’s fair is a small (if you call 30 stalls small) fundraiser for Alzheimer’s at Snug retirement village with demonstrations by the Zumba lady. MST things are packed ready, just a few last minute things. I’ll have the gazebo and be taking all my tables as well. Hopefully to will go well, the weather has turned from dreadful to just cloudy with lots of sunshine. My friend and I will be handing out flyers and talking to people about our market – I’ve just heard they’ve had a really good plug on the radio, so more fingers crossed, and more flyers printing.


Motor bikes…ahh. The speed, the freedom. It’s about as daredevil as I get. We have borrowed a friends bike this time. A Triumph triple 955i. Twice the size of my dads, and boy does it feel it. I went for a quick spin on it yesterday and everything about it is fast. The pick up especially. Let’s just say I was very happy the bag rack was on the back. What a rush!
In comparison. Its like riding a postie/moped after a push bike.
Never mind the colour, but there are only a couple of these in the state, so unforgettable.
We’re going to take it for a bit of a road trip this week and do an overnighter.


Have a great weekend
Jennifer 🙂

Lovely weather – if you feel like taking flying lessons.

My little plan went slightly astray yesterday. I hit the gym and then the idea was to spend 4 hrs plus on the computer being super productive and getting stuff done.
What actually happened was that I buggered about, started reading a book ….
It’s spring, so that means windy, but yesterday was extreme. So extreme that the power went off across the state at 11 am and didn’t return to about 6 pm. So no washing, no coffee, no water and absolutely no computer work because the internet was buggering up as well.

Add to that, the two calls I got from the school about picking up the kids. At 12.30. (I had to authorise that I would let them go home early, thus picking them up, luckily we live only 10mins away). Power was out for too long, and with 200+ kids and no water… Well, you get the idea. Oh, and a roof blew off one of the classrooms (with my kid in it)

We did some tidying up round the yard – from hubby ripping out old garden beds and a tree stump, not from the wind.
Thoughts then turn to dinner. No power means one thing. BBQ. That is fine except the wind is not so warm anymore. Candles are found for once it got dark…and then Poof, well, not really a poof, more of the humming as things come to life.
Have you ever noticed how quiet things are when there is no power. No fridges humming. As subtle as they are, it is still noise.
Our dinner became an indoor bbq. As in cook outside and eat in.

I’m not too sure if I’ll get anything better done today. With my reblog, I don’t want to just share the link, but copy and paste won’t work as WP doesn’t like the pictures. I’ll work on something. There might be something else later today.
It is Friday and hubby and I are heading to town later, and tomorrow is work for the eldest then our ‘routine’ pizza and movie night.
Sunday, providing the weather plays nice we are taking a family day out to visit a cave – it’s gonna be a long day as the learner will be driving which means no more than 80km/hr – but should be fun. I have to empty the SD card and make sure both batteries are fully charged.

Have a great day and I hope the weather plays nice for you (spring or autumn/fall)
Jennifer 🙂

50 Years

I’m back at the school again and more of those sports certificates came out… this time I was given the whole pile and flicking through them put me off my game, again.  Nostalgia is a pain sometimes.
On the road heading home and this song came on.  Part of the wonderfully tragic 80’s, it was released when I was still in Primary school (yr 6, aged, oh, about 12) and tied in with the emotions of leaving Gr 10 some 4 years later (and those damned awards from the same year).

So here is the Uncanny X-Men – with the oh-so-hot-to-a-12yr-old Brian Mannix out front singing 50Years.


and then many moons later, on the final of Spicks and Specks in 2011, looking like the aging rocker he is….


Jennifer 🙂