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Times are a changing


This is part of the view where I grew up, looking east. And below is the house I spent my childhood and subsequently moved back to for a brief time (before we moved to Queensland). Slightly more south, but still east. The sunrises from across the island were fabulous. And who wouldn’t love waking up to that view every day.


After much thought the painful decision was made by our parents to sell… As you can see lots of work is being done by the present owners…along with planning to build their own house.


My thoughts may or may not reflect other’s, but I am happy that work has started quickly so the house did not get overgrown and fall to ruin. Sad, as a part of my history is right there, but happy that people who love it are going to live there.
And I get to drive past and “check” on progress.

I will be doing a more in depth post with a brief history and some better photos soon. These photos are from my phone.

Jen ūüôā

New website launching!

my new website, if you could check it out and pass on some feedback, pretty please ūüôā (there is lots more work to do)


Hi my friends, I have done the hard yards on my new website and below is the link for you to have a browse.
For those that don’t know, I am looking at another web-building site that gives me everything I want, shopping cart included for a better price than my current one.

So I wasn’t wasting time for nothing, I have uploaded only 3 items per category, which I feel is enough to get people started on what will be.  I’m sure there are more categories to be included later, but time will work on that.

It is quite completely different for the one I have now, so if you’ve seen that one, be prepared, this is not the same, except for the colour scheme. Pink, of course.

The header is rather plain at the moment with just my logo, I will be working on that. I won’t say anything…

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Annual Fair comes alive…!

This weekend has been a busy and rather tiring one for me.
The Annual Middleton fair was on yesterday and today was one of my regular markets.
The Fair had been booked and paid for months ago and as the date approached I was getting nervous, a little apprehensive, not knowing what it was going to be like.

Click here to read more about the Fair and see images from last years Scarecrow competition.

The last time I was in Tassie¬†at¬†Fair time, 8 yrs ago, I was Very pregnant and hadn’t even picked up a pair of pliers, let alone started¬†stringing beads together.¬† Fast forward 8 yrs to today and it is the biggest fair I have attended to date.¬† Of course nerves are good, I believe that if you aren’t a little bit nervous there’s a problem.¬† Once the gazebo was¬†erected and I began emptying boxes, arranging bags, busts and beads it all flowed and I was set up¬†in near record time.¬† Not that I have a record to bust or anything…

The crowd was good and steady throughout the day until about 3pm, although other stall holders said it was down on last years attendance.
I’m not a fan of country music but on location it sounds alright¬†and it was quiet enough, or is that loud enough, to not get in the way and be annoying.¬† I saw someone walking their goats, a horse, sorry, a dog that wanted to sniff at everything¬†including my headless friend and the best comment I heard all day was from a young child, say around 7 or 8 stating to his mother “…but we’re sposed to have fun at the fair, you said it would be fun…”¬† as they walked past.¬† Mum and I just¬†looked at each other and laughed.¬† Not really sure what he was expecting – maybe more ‘rides’.¬† A Country Fair here is not like a show, we have animal pens and¬†pony rides, a mini magic show and the like.¬† Seriously, I think some people have never travelled the 40 mins out of town before. ūüôā¬†¬† (Town = Hobart)

When we first arrived here and I started markets again, I was disappointed that I made little or no sales.  I quickly figured out the demographic and spending power here is alot different to Mt Isa.  Aside from the obvious income one, people here like things that are different to what I make, and I am still struggling to find my niche.
I now¬†take each¬†market as it comes and have no expectations on what is going to happen.¬† Each event is a PR exercise and used for¬†putting my face, name and beads¬†out there.¬† It’s a pity though and hard to make conversation when people don’t respond to a smile or ‘good morning’ though.¬†¬† Sales are a bonus and it’s great to help customers with their choices.

(on an aside, why do people not give feedback, I’ve sent two items interstate and¬†have not¬†heard if they’ve been received yet)

I only made a few sales and then one lady came back for a second time!

my gazebo - complete with headless friend ūüôā

one table of goodies ūüôā

the other table - I should have put the other side of the mesh wall up, but oh well, it didn't stop the lookers. ūüôā

bags hanging on the side...

Today at Woodbridge was a really slow day.¬† Not sure why, but not many crafty people made sales – food always sells well though. ūüôā

Last night I was exhausted. On my feet most of the day and then having to empty bags and boxes, while thinking about what to take for a smaller scale table.  I did sleep well, and was not happy with the alarm at 6.30 this morning.  I had to finish packing one box before I left.

So Sunday afternoon, 5pm, coffee in hand, boxes ready to unpack (jewellery in my office drawers storage….) I am really feeling it.

Today's table(s) at Woodbridge

Tomorrow morning has been pre booked for a sleep in. (5.30 pm.¬† I’ve just received a call organising Mr 7’s social life, so it’s off to meet his friend and seeing as it’s at the gym I may aswell get¬†a workout in at the same time..)

I will hunt down some pictures and¬†show you some bizarre interpretations of the humble scarecrow another day.¬†¬†I do have one here… my favourite of the ones I’ve seen.

self explanatory

Keep smiling,¬† you never know who might be watching ūüôā

Vintage and Retro Rock! – Op-Shop Party

A few weeks ago at one of the Woodbridge markets there was a Fab new¬†stall – clothes.¬† (Check out Audrey & Elizabeth on Facebook)¬† Now, as you may already know – I LOVE clothes, especially second-hand.¬† Aside from the price, they’re already worn in and softened, plus if you don’t care for the latest fashions, and are happy to spend time scouring the racks, you can pick up some really good quality pieces.

After having a look through the racks and seeing a few nice things.. like the bright red jeans! the lady told me that she can do home parties… you know the sort, like Tupperware, only clothes.

I was sold.  I took some cards and over the next few days asked around and found there would be enough interest to hold a par-tay.

Date booked, with a friend inviting most of the ladies (I don’t know too many after being away, see here) and myself a few, I got organised with the food.¬†¬†I am a shocker for these things.¬† Always have too much food.¬† If 10 are coming I end catering for 30. lol¬† I look at it and think, ‘no, I need more’.¬† So all I wanted was dips, bikkies, egg sangas¬†(everyone eats them, no matter what they say about eggs) and cupcakes.¬† Easy peasy, and no stress at all.

mini cupcakes - they went down well.

my tomato tarts. I cut them in half for smaller nibbles.

I also¬†decided to make something I had not tried before.¬† Now I know the rules here, don’t¬†try something new when you have guests coming as it often doesn’t work.¬† I figured by making my tomato mini tarts early and¬†they failed it wouldn’t matter and no-one would even see them…¬† They did¬†work and¬†were all eaten.¬† Not bad I say.

This time around, because I have never had much luck with these types of parties (ie, no one turns up) I was going strictly casual, no stress, not worried at all.¬† And it worked.¬† Of course, there are a few nerves before it all starts, but judging by the noise and the fact there were half-dressed¬†women in three different rooms I think it was a¬†success. ūüôā¬†¬† I must say thanks to my son’s here for staying their room with the door shut and behaving.¬† I am proud of them ūüôā¬† I think the thought of seeing women half-dressed was enough to keep them at bay, lol

The best part about this, and what made it more relaxing was that aside from a small gift for having a party & on getting a booking, there are no other incentives.¬† It doesn’t matter if people only buy 1 thing or 10.¬† Or nothing.¬† Like that’s ever gonna happen.

Before the lady had finished setting up people¬†were looking¬†and some had items ready to try on… that’s how it goes… there was also a congregation on my beading corner with drawers being opened and lots of comments about Christmas, and mother in-laws…

I did have to cull my¬†¬†pile of clothes… but I am very happy with my purchases… Colorado 3/4 pants, those red jeans, a funky pair of striped pants (fit like a dream and are sooo¬†comfy I didn’t take them off again..), a brown vest (bought to match my skirt), a blue jacket, a red bomber style jacket, and numerous tops.¬† Ten things for $52… Now you can’t go to any other clothes party and get value like that.¬† Plus, no one else will have the same items. Unlike, other said parties…

the most comfy (& funky) pants i have worn in a long time ūüôā

the other items I picked up. including a pretty floral top/dress, the most gorgeous frilly tanktop, and a great blue jacket.

Two of my friends have booked a party, so come next year, I’m off again.¬† I have thought of doing this quarterly… wonder what hubby will say.

back to the jewellery… I was not going to promote my goodies as such, because¬†it was not about me, but on having fun and being with friends.¬† Having said that I sold 2 items, have a hold on another and a tentative booking for some wedding jewellery in Sept next year.¬† Plus a local¬†lady who owns holiday accommodation has taken a small stack of cards to put in the rooms…

All is good, despite the rain, misty horrible stuff.

Keep smiling ūüôā


A Profitable Weekend

I’ll start this by hoping that all dads out there had a great Father’s Day and got plenty of cool pressies.¬† Both by husband and father were away (in the same state, just not the same one as me) so I had to ring them and have a chat.¬† Happy Father’s Day Dad, love you heaps ūüôā

As you may have known from my last blog or two I was part of an Art Exhibition on the weekend.¬† When I dropped my 3 pieces of jewellery off on Friday morning and saw some of the other works –¬†paintings mainly – I was nervous that I had done the right thing.¬†¬†¬† But the point of no return had been passed and¬†it was left to those in the know t do the right thing.¬† Saturday morning arrived and after taking my eldest off to the bus stop and getting ready I rocked up to the Kettering hall¬†to¬†check it out and¬†maybe do some ‘schmoozing’.

I bee-lined to the corner where the small glass case was positioned and was very happy with their arrangement of my pieces.  All the tags had been left outside the case in the positions that made it easy to recognise which tag went with each piece.  I had the middle and bottom shelf with another artist on the top shelf.  Her work was beautiful, as was nother artist who hd work in Dichroic glass Рawesome!  I must say, my jewellery  looked pretty schmick.  A few people I know asked me if they were  mine and I chatted to several others.

After the short speeches and Grand Opening we had the obligatory wine and canapes Рbeautiful Tasmanian Smoked Salmon (from the processors, Tassal), local wine from just up the road , Yellow Point, (5kms from me) Beer soaked goats cheese, Grandvewe Cheesery (across the road from the winery) and sandwiches from the local cafe and Pub.

Of course I am not in the habit of drinking wine that early in the day, but hell, I was part of it and I was going to have a small glass.

Sunday morning arrived cool and threatening to rain as I packed the car for my market and made sure I had enough things to entertain the youngest and we set off early.¬† I was thinking of being early to snag a corner table to make it easier on the 7 yr old.¬† There were only 6 tables left in the middle of the room, 90 mins before opening time.¬† Never mind, as it happened, some stall holders didn’t turn up so we spread out a bit nad my son had a table to do his drawing on.

It was always going to be a strange day – father’s day so not many are out about¬†then again there will be those that drive to family or have lunch out.¬† Either way it was very quiet – a sentiment heard from most stall holders –¬† but I hit pay dirt.¬† Kind of.¬† I sold a beautiful chunky bracelet¬†and two of my glass pendants.¬† One of which I need to string onto ribbon and deliver this week.¬†¬† My bags had some lookers but¬†I really need to find a better way to display them – they were too crowded, but having only one table for each market means they cannot be on the table either… time to go shopping I think.

Back to the Exhibition at pick up time and after psyching¬†myself up that there would be no sales I was totally taken by surprise when i saw one of my items gone!¬† Out of the cabinet!¬† I went to the desk and saying I was here to pick up my goods, was told, ‘yes, you have sold something’¬† Once all sales are processed I will get paid and am so looking forward to it.

The Blue Bone

For the next couple of hours you couldn’t wipe the smile off my face.¬†¬† Goes to show I spose, you can’t pick what will or wont sell and what others consider to be art.¬†¬† I was asked if they would be seeing me next year, and it was resounding ‘yes, I now have a bit more confidence in the process and what happens.¬† will definitely be back’

I will now be working on my new pieces, glass, resin and clay items and the tag stamping,  my new range of Up-cylced bags and getting ready for the next market.

til next time, keep smiling ūüôā

Ciao, Jennifer