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Taking the time to think, to ponder…

It’s been how long since I last wrote something… not sure. And at the moment it doesn’t even matter.  I have been so focused on so many things lately, and being singularly focused on writing regularly here that I have come to an impasse.
There have been things going on with me personally that mean I have not had the energy or inclination to write, bead (somethings have worked at times though) or sew. Or do anything at all really.   Some of my readers will have an understanding of this.

I have decided that instead of  trying to do too much, post each day, every second day, I will go with the flow a bit more and just let it ride.  Stop putting pressure on myself to be, or do certain things.

I will be taking it slow,both here and elsewhere.  Doing as I please, when I have the energy, the inclination and the will.  I do have things I need to work on, a deadline for an Arts Trail (kind of an Open Studio thing) and ideas for my vintage bag line and new clay creations.

I now sit here, knowing I  had more to say, but feeling good so there is nothing to say. that sounds odd I know, but when I’m feeling down the words just flow in my head and I am usually nowhere near the laptop…
I have given up on my stats.  It’s not a competition, and in all reality I can’t keep up anyway.  Seriously, does it really matter.  I have my small but loyal group of followers and commenters that I love hearing from and who always make me smile.
I have been reading everyone’s blogs, even if I have not commented or liked, I have read and enjoyed.  I find, in a foul mood, I just cannot be bothered to even like something, let alone comment.  I will return to my witty fun self… witty? whatever.

Don’t worry too much about me, I am not asking for sympathy, just putting it out there, and letting you all know.   It is just something I need to work through.   How long it takes remains to be seen, but I am dealing with one day at a time as my mood takes.  I have started to do a run along our esplanade with the dog (he loves it and is very well-behaved, regardless of lack of road sense) which makes me feel better.  If I feel bad, a run will sort it out, and if I feel good a run will make me feel better. 😀  I was bored at the gym with no goal to aim for and while the weather is nice (fingers crossed) how could I not like a run along the water’s edge.  It is just beautiful.

That is all from me at the moment, I have a couple of blogs in line waiting to get published, but other things have to happen before they can go public.

Keep smiling, chin up nad have a great day 🙂


I’m on a mission….

Today’s run was brought to you by Gabriella Climi – a woman on a mission.
Ok, so running 8k is not at  all like prancing through space in a bikini… but I like some of the lyrics…..

(It’s time for me to make a move
And I know what i gotta do
Coz I got everything to prove I got a plan I’m sticking to …
I’m coming through so get out of the way
I am a woman on a mission,
I’m stronger than ever
I wanna see this through
Whatever it takes I will do what I gotta do
I won’t give up without a fight
Coz I can see the finish line)