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Easy Thai-flavoured Chicken mince

I had some chicken mince defrosting and wanted to try something other than burgers for dinner. We had all been eating too much bread so something a little lighter was in order.
I took a search on my favourite cooking site (www.taste.com.au) for an easy meal that required no trip to the supermarket.

With the rice – just plain old rice, not the jasmine variety – in cooking, the rest only took 15 mins. So if you really wanted a quick meal then this would be perfect. So long as the meat didn’t need defrosting.
Our chicken mince comes in 300g packs so I halved the recipe, and used parsley I stead of coriander that had been used up a few days ago. It was a little bland, even for hubby, but I think if I had had coriander it would have added the right amount of spice to jazz it up. I chucked in a few frozen veg as I don’t keep Chinese veges in my fridge, but broccolini would be alright too I think.
Either way, when I make it again, I will use the full amount of sauce and definitely use coriander.

It gets 5 stars from me, as it was easy, quick, and should you use everything that the recipe states then it would be a brilliant meal.

You’ll find the full recipe on my Recipe page under savouries.

Sauces mixed ready to add.


Enjoy your New Years Eve.
Jennifer 🙂

Brown the chicken.


Plated up, and I added a nice extra dollop of chili sauce to mine.