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The Source, MONA – Review

For my birthday mum took me to the restaurant at MONA.
In a few words. Classy, arty and pricy.
Don’t get me wrong, the meal was ah-may-zing and beautifully presented. But in all establishmets like this, huge plates and small servings. Which were not so small once we had had two courses.

The decor was simple. Nothing stood out. It was designed I think to let the find and service take the light.
We started with a glass of bubbly


Both of us chose the ocean trout with carrot puree.  The fish was done to perfection, tender and fall apart. The puree was smooth, creamy and sweet. The sauce was a perfect compliment with subtle flavours.


With a side of potato. Smooth, creamy and I could have licked the bowl clean when we finished.


Dessert was a tough choice, but I had the lemon tart. Quite strong in its tartiness, but creamy and smooth with a delicious creme fraiche.


Mum chose a delicate coffee mousse in custard with chocolate.


We finished, totally stuffed, with a coffee hot chocolate.


The staff were experienced and very knowledgeable in both the menu and (very) extensive wine list. It’s like a novel it’s so thick.   Our coats were hung in the cupboard near the register and the bill arrived in a folder (I’ve only ever seen this in the movies).
This is definitely somewhere to go for a special occasion.
All in all a lovely day out and combined with a trek through the museum would make for one memorable day.

Jennifer 🙂

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Food Friday – cafe review

Hubby arrived home yesterday and as is our ‘routine’ we went out for lunch.  I usually get to choose the place – he’s too tired from travelling and is happy to let me do it.

RedRed is a small cafe located in Salamanca Square. Salamanca Square is located behind (the world-renowned) Salamanca Place, a stones throw from the wharves and Hobart City.  It is located in a disused quarry which is now lined with a hotel and apartment complex. The ground level is occupied with eateries, clothing and gift shops.  There is plenty of room sit and enjoy the ambience and let the kid splay near the central fountain.


It is understated and classy but not too pretentious. The decor is black and white with splashes of red. Black and white walls and singular tables while bright red booths that would seat about 8 line the walls.

The pictures on the walls are plain but catch your eye – black and white with a splash of red.
The Paris scene, a couple, the lady in red. The Tower of London with a red double-decker. The Spanish bul fighter with his red cape. And the construction workers high above the city on a beam with a red lunch box (I’m not sure as I didn’t go to look closely)
The red water bottle. Beautiful against the white table with expensive looking tumblers (I wouldn’t call these glasses)

The menu us simple yet has a touch of elegance. A small selection of both entrees and mains with an equally small but impressive list of both alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages.
We shared the skewered mushrooms as an entree. Hubby went outside his comfort zone and tried a mushroom for the first time. While he didn’t dislike it, he wasn’t going back for more.
They were crumbed (really subtle flavours that complimented the mushroom beautifully) and fried to perfection.  It was served with a mesculen (the peppery lettuce) and a spicy creamy dipping sauce.
These were perfect for two to share, but a little much for me on my own at lunch time.


Normally we would have separate items for the main, but yesterday we both chose the steak.  It arrived accompanied with the best chips, a little salad and a smoky bbq style sauce. We were told the sauce is the one they have with their sticky pork ribs but were playing switcheroo with the menu.  It would work better with the ribs.  As we chatted, I mentioned mustard, so he brought some out.  Clove Dijon.  Hmm. The dijon part was good, smooth and creamy but the clove aftertaste was not to my liking.  I kept on with the sauce instead.
We ordered our steak medium rare – as always – but given the thickness it could have been a little more on the medium side. Still full of flavour and very tender.


We finished with a cappucino which had good flavour and (for me) strong enough, but it wasn’t very hot. I like to linger over a good coffee, not be able to gulp it down.
Even the cutlery was red. I would love to have these knives in my kitchen.


The wait staff waiter was attentive and informative. Eager to make sure everything was good but not getting in the way. Turning up at the right times and always polite.

This is somewhere we will have to return to, but with so many cafes ans restaurants to choose from, who knows when it will be.
Jennifer 🙂

Bringing some routine to the madness

While drinking enjoying my coffee earlier and typing the post I began thinking about whether I should bring some routine to the week. Something to look forward to…

Each Saturday I am in Kingston as I have to deliver eldest to work, and usually have something I want to do. Even if its grabbing a coffee while on my own. I haven’t really done much with the ‘Saturday gratitude’ (sorry Judith) posts but Saturdays are my day when I can do something similar with my own twist.
Alfresco Saturdays – given my penchance for chillin’ with my cup of caffeine at my favourite coffee shop (occasionally with my favourite man, when he’s home). A simple post of a picture and few words. A welcome to the weekend 🙂

The posts centred on Kelly’s postcard wall have proven popular, but there is no ‘P’ day of the week for postcard alliteration, so Travel Tuesday might fit the bill (this is also the day hubby usually flies out.) and be the weekly overview of postcard arrivals.

Food Friday can be an overview of anything new I’ve made and tested during the week or a mini review of a cafe/pub/restaurant we’ve been too. Hubby and I do lunch out the day he gets home, which is a Thursday currently, so that works. Has anyone tried garlic crusted tuna lasagne for instance??

That might be enough as I have to make sure I get these into routine, or more importantly, remembering to actually do them.
Is there anything you would like me to write about, set day or otherwise, or do you like my random ramblings as they are?

Jen 🙂

Italian Ape Cake

I picked up this recipe while working in an Italian restaurant years ago and while I left on bad terms – that is a sorry saga all of its own – I did love this cake and have made it many times since over the last 17 years.
It is designed as an afternoon tea cake rather than a dessert cake, but with today’s alteration I think it will more suited for dessert.
The original was made in a donut tin and topped with icing sugar, served plain. It it is equally as good served with custard, cream or ice cream. I don’t have any donut tins, so mine is square, and I will dust with icing sugar before we leave this evening.

Tonight is the Christmas bbq at Westwinds and one ‘condition’ for coming is to bring either a salad or dessert. I picked this one to make as it is cheap, not too fancy, and will survive whatever the weather decides to throw at us. Stinking hot, or cold and windy, this will work.

After a slow start, no, make that a suddenly insanely busy start to the morning, I am glad that by the time I actually got home to start baking, that I had pre measured all the ingredients and left the butter out to soften.

My alteration to the recipe is the ape lol, apple content. You are supposed to slice apples and fold them in raw, I used instead stewed apples, which would make the finished product softer and moister than the original.

800gr apples, sliced thinly. I used approx 400gr stewed apple.
200gr sugar
200gr butter
300gr SR flour (self raising)
4 eggs
1lemon, grated rind (I only grated a quarter of the rind)
Pinch Salt – I don’t use salt.

Cream butter and sugar.
Add eggs, one at a time.


Add flour, mix and fold in apples.


Pour into greased tin, and bake in med-hot oven 40-60 mins, checking after 30 mins.
Mine took 45 mins.


And baked, ready to eat. It smells really good.


I shall edit and add a post script after I get home tonight.
Have a great day, and enjoy the weather – how ever Mother N has delivered it to you.
Jennifer 🙂

PS. Sitting amongst all the pavlovas, trifles, lemon and caramel tarts and plates of fruit sat my tin with its apple cake. I had to leave early to pick up mr 16 from work, and the message came through from my friend that she has my tin and the 3 pieces leftover. A success I would say.
My sister in law rang this afternoon to ask where her piece was and its name has mow been changed to Aunty Jen’s Ape Cake



I was thinking of something completely unrelated this morning when – in the way my mind works – I was suddenly thinking about my scars and how they came to be.
I only have 4 and these are only noticeable, if you look in the right place. They’re not huge and given their age, are fading away.

The first one happened when I was about 10, give or take some, I was climbing a tree when I fell out and landed with my hand on a piece of rusty metal. Off I went to the doctor and had a needle impolitely jabbed into my bum. Thank you tetanus, that hurt. By memory there were no stitches (butterfly band aids) and off we went home. No future issues or pain with this scar.

Fast forward to one of my first jobs at 18 (I was driving on my own, so it had to be about that age).
Local pub that had the odd overnight stay and I was working with another lady finishing off the cleaning, and getting ready for breakfast the next day.
I had stepped into a small alcove when…. Whoops, the next thing I know I was flat on the floor. Slipped on something. Ouch! Sore elbow, must have bumped the doorway. Continuing on with my job the next thing I hear is her almighty scream. She hated blood and there was quite a bit coming out of my elbow.
That’s funny, I didn’t feel that.
So, off to the doctor I go and get it all fixed up with a note to not go to work for a few days/weeks… On telling the boss, I got into a little trouble. I was now on compo. Which they weren’t happy about, but which wasn’t exactly my fault. No one told me I should have done a compo form at the doctors, and I was too young to know about it.
This is one scar that keeps coming back to haunt me. I must have hit a nerve right near the funny bone. Hit the funny bone, and it’s kinda funny. Hit the spot where I landed on my elbow and Ouch is not normally what comes to mind. A tingling weird sensation that hurts like blazers emanates along my arm. Thankfully it hasn’t happened for some time.

Moving along, and we are now living in Queensland. Kids and wisdom and all that. Some things just happen. Like this, which given my response, surprised me even.

Washing up. Hot soapy water. Glasses. Of the drinking variety. (My nemesis’)
Hand in glass with scourer, give a twist, rinse and place on drainer. That’s what was meant to happen.
Hand in, give a twist… Ouch! Hand out, “oh shit!” There’s blood in the water.
Not sure what happened exactly there after. I remember taking off the glove, with a big gash in it, and checking out my hand. Well, the top of my thumb actually. And what do I do. B-grade horror movie style, I pull the skin apart and let blood spurt out. Yep, and more than once too. Hey kids, check this out… Hubby wasn’t so impressed. He hates blood and is more likely to faint than be any help. I am proud of him though, he patched me up and bandaged my hand. He is the ‘doctor’ in this family. I am really no good at these things. No visit to the doctor. Although I probably should have.

The problem with all this. Not that it happened. It was a pain (haha) but more of the When it happened. Coming up to Easter I was all excited, and prepared to make all the Easter treats I’d never bothered to worry about before.

So not only did I not get to make Easter treats, but hubby had to help me with pretty well everything. Getting dressed when you can’t use one hand is being close to useless. And awkward.
I think I hit a nerve there as well. If I bump it, my whole thumb tingles, and sometimes it gets that ‘asleep’ feeling of pins and needles. Then there is that weird numb feelings get.

Am I allowed to have a favourite scar. If so, then this would be it.
Rewind. Way back to high school. Grade 7. 13 yrs old. With a tendency to faint. Getting the picture.
School assembly. All of high school, so roughly 150 students, all standing as we were in trouble, with us little grade 7ers right at the front.

So blah blah blah…on it went and then I felt this weird but familiar sensation. The dizzy head, the blurred vision and the knowing that once it got to that stage it could not be stopped. Not easily. And not where I was positioned either. They were talking about graffiti on desk tops which became a running joke as to why I fainted. This was not just any old faint. Never mind the slump to the floor, the wobbling and trying to hold on to the person next to me. This was outright face first slam into the floor. Imagine you have a stick and are holding it upright, let it go and watch it fall. That was me. The funny thing was, I was still semi conscious when I hit the floor as I felt the timber ‘bounce’ underneath (you know how timber floors have that bit of movement) the bang as I hit and then nothing. Apparently the principle said something along the lines of “can someone move this..” as he pointed to me laying prone on the floor. Charming! Of course I have no idea if that is true. I came to sitting at the office with assembly well and truly finished. Ad a small crowd trying to check out my wound. (This equates to the time I was most popular I at high school
The scar??
It opened my chin up. You could see the bone…
And then as it was being stitched back together I could feel the needle pulling the skin. It was numbed, just maybe not enough, even though it didn’t actually hurt. If I feel in the right place, I can just find it, but it’s not so noticeable anymore.

Mental scars… Woah,  imagine where we could go with that one. There are only a few.  And most people don’t know about them.  And they are not the major heart breaking type either.  I have a pretty good life.  But I’m not telling, and it is not a story for another time either. Sorry :-}

Cheers, and please don’t run with scissors.. Unless they’re plastic.