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Oh baby, that is soo good!

No, this post is not about sex, although drinking this is about as close as I’ll get when hubby is away… lol

It could have been Sangria – Punch or Cocktail? or Sangria Saturday – in the middle of winter, but they didn’t sound quite right after I’d made it.

Short history: Thanks to my sister, who says ‘thanks to a friend’ of hers I have 6 free bottles of wine – sent to me on the proviso that I drink and review them.  This is for a company called Naked Wines who help small wine growers.  I review, they can then spend money where the public wants it o go to. Ie: their fav wineries.  check out my reviews here.

So I am doing a wine review on my FB page for each bottle and one in particular inspired a little … discussion.
I would pour a glass of said wine, and then write what I think. Not in fancy terms, just, what I think of it.
This one night, I opened the bottle of Spanish wine, complete with cork that broke in two places and nearly didn’t come out.  Maybe that was the omen..
One mouthful told me all I needed to know. Hubby had some and even he screwed up his face.
Review said, “… dry as the desert… blah blah…thumbs down”
It’s then commented I should make a Sangria and after I mention that cocktails weren’t part of my drinks repertoire, there ensued a discussion as to whether it is a cocktail or a punch.
I think it’s a punch. With plenty of Punch if the google search is anything to go by.
One site said something like… good to use if you want your guests to get drunk really quickly… ok, then.  (And yes I can definitely see where this comes from…)

So I am thinking, why waste a perfectly good bottle of wine, free or otherwise, and make myself some Sangria.  If it tastes like it reads, then I’ll either love it and drink waaay too much, or….

So here goes… there are many versions all over the internet that google will find for you, in about 1/2 second.  This is the one I picked (from my fav cooking website, Taste) with a few changes. Many of the recipes actually state to not worry too much about the quantities so long as it tastes alright – and you use a lot more sugar than you think you will.

3/4 cup other alcohol – I used 1/4 cup Cointreau & 1/2 cup vodka.
3 cups good red Spanish wine
1/4 cup castor sugar
3 cups lemonade
3/4 cup cranberry juice
1 ea orange & apple sliced thinly.  I think you could miss the apple, as I don’t notice it.

Slice fruit and soak in alcohol (not the wine).

add sugar and stir to dissolve.  Leave for at least 30 mins.
Mix all other ingredients in jug (or bowl) and add the bowl of soaked fruit.

Taste and add more sugar if needed.
Put ice in chilled glasses, top with Sangria and serve.

tried to get a shot of how gorgeous the colour is


Holy mother of…. that is some good shit.  I wasn’t sure what to expect, too strong alcohol, too sweet (I read you need to use an insane amount of sugar).  But it was none of the above.  I’m definitely gonna have to make more of this come summer.
Sparkly – always good.
Rich flavour – smooth and gives you a warm fuzzy feeling.
Gorgeous colour – looking good is always a plus.
Sweet enough to be able to drink it way too quickly on a hot day.
And enough alcohol to put you on the floor, or to just enjoy – depending how you drink it.

Bottoms up! Cheers! ~clink glasses~ 🙂
bebe feliz