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Recipe request.

I posted last week about some yoghurt cupcakes I made that were totally delish and said I would post the recipe to a reader who was very excited about them.
So for everyone who wants a super simple, delicious recipe for cupcakes that are a little different, follow on.
Taken from my favourite cooking site – Taste.com.au

Vanilla and Raspberry Cakes.
1 1/2 cups SR flour
1/3 cup castor sugar
1cup vanilla yoghurt – this is where I used my non thickened forest fruits yoghurt
80gr butter melted
1 egg, beaten
1/2 cup frozen rasp – I had none so left them out. Didn’t miss them at all.
Icing sugar to dust.

Oven – 190C
Muffin tins – 3 x 12 mini muffins or 2 x 6 normal/Texas muffin tins

Mix dry ingredients.
Add wet ingredients, folding together.
Fold in raspberries, fill muffin tins.
Bake for 16-18 mins or til cooked.
Cool then sprinkle with icing sugar.

Best eaten the day baked. 🙂

Friday Food – Fair Baking

The plan: chocolate cake and coconut ice + maybe another cake.
The result: one burnt burnt and broken mud cake.
The inside tastes pretty good, but it’s not suitable for School Fair selling or consumption. So we get to eat it. Shame about that.

The plan (take 2, its now Friday, Fair day): Coconut and Raspberry Loaf, Chocolate Fudge Brownie cake and coconut ice. (I’m stuck on this since I decided and I will make it!)
The result: Coconut cake is cooked, with strawberries instead. Smells divine. The brownie cake is in. And the one thing I didn’t get from the supermarket is the one thing you need for coconut ice – copha!! – so a friend will pick some up for me while out. It will be made!

Coconut and Raspberry Loaf. see recipe here.
My changes were strawberries instead of raspberries, and made it a cake rather than a loaf.

flour, egg and sugar and strawberries.

flour, egg and sugar and strawberries.

coconut and coconut milk

coconut and coconut milk

Chocolate Brownie Fudge Cake. See recipe here.
I omitted the nuts as I didn’t have any and added extra chocolate.

ready to bake

ready to bake

egg and vanilla and chocolate and butter

egg and vanilla and chocolate and butter

flour and lots of chocolate

flour and lots of chocolate

And Coconut Ice. Rainbow Coconut Ice. See recipe here.
I doubled the recipe and didn’t quite leave it long enough as it was a little crumbly, but still looked pretty good.
way too much icing/powdered sugar, coconut with a colour selection, egg whites and melted copha

way too much icing/powdered sugar, coconut with a colour selection, egg whites and melted copha

All three ready to go.

All three ready to go.

And a few shots of the school early on before the crowds turned up. All those empty spaces – full with lots of happy people with food and drinks and kids with their purchases.
There were horse rides, a jumping castle, the local fire brigade, sushi, Thai food, bbq, milkshakes made by riding a bike, and even Halloween pumpkins.
My dinner consisted of sushi, chicken satay and waffle with ice cream for dessert.
How cool is it to go to school in a place like this?




Have a great weekend 🙂

Another small obsession of mine

I like recipe books.
I have a small collection.
Seriously, it is small, not one of those, “yeah I have a few ….’s” and when you visit them there are thousands, hundreds… heaps?
I like to cook, but do not do it often enough to make the most of my collection. I buy two cooking/recipe magazines a month, have an account on the Taste website and if I like something a friend has made I’ll ask for the recipe (specially if I think my fussy, (and when I say fussy, I mean uber fussy) kids will eat it).

I have recipes for Finnish, French, Chinese, Italian and everything in between. Then there are those folders with the cards that come in the mail every month or so.  No, I don’t buy them, I just keep the freebies.  There is a book for ‘cookies, muffins and cakes’, yum, another for Cheese, Pancakes, the Australian Heritage Cookbook, a bunch of those mini $5 books you get from the register at the supermarkets and then folders that I have magazine pages or print outs stuck into…

As if that’s not enough, while wandering round Chickenfeed I picked one up that is just for meatballs!  Well it was only $5, so for a couple of useful recipes it’s not bad.

photo courtesy of Inchmark.


Do I use them all?  Not really, but I use them for ideas even if I don’t have everything that’s required, or hell, I even just read them coz I like food.  Sometimes if I’m after something special I’ll browse and see what’s up… but then I get distracted by the pretty pictures and the smells (in my head) – wouldn’t a scratch and sniff recipe book be great? –  and the fact they are somewhat un-organised and forget what I was doing.

Should I clean them out… probably, but they take up so little room and you never know, I may need one specific recipe sometime in the future…

I should go and have a browse… there may be a recipe for P & H soup that actually tastes good!

Keep smiling 🙂
there is no recipe for success (or is there?) and the proof is in the eating (pudding)….