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Beadalicious Bounty….

This week was “Re-invented Week” where I turned to that stack of old necklaces, and re worked them into something more appealing.  Or, in one case, use the beads earmarked for something else, and make a pretty little piece out of it.

All beaders will have a box, rack, a stash somewhere of beads they bought for some special project and haven’t got to it yet, or have gone through old pieces and decided they don’t like it or suddenly see a much better piece ‘magically appear’ in front of them.

I had my stash in a box.  Never saw it, never opened it… it just sat there, all lonely on the shelf.  So when we were packing to move, I got it out and started a sort, putting them away (where possible) in their correct boxes – this way they had travelling companions.  Once back here in Tas, I went through all the jewellery and was quite ruthless in what I took apart or put aside.  All items to be reworked were put in a bag (with or without extra bits I thought of) with a small note explaining what I was thinking.  They were then hung on a rotating rack where I can see them everyday! Simple.  And effective. Always in my face.

So, back to where I started… getting stuck into these little bags.  I remade 6, made one completely new one, and re made another so much, there is barely anything of the original left.

basic chain lariat style necklace - before

After: not a lot of change. made it shorter, added more dangles and got a pair of earrings aswell

found these beads lurking in a box - my brand new piece using chips of Amazonite.

added wood beads, and made a long linked necklace. Now, what to do with the extra green beads??wooden/acrylic beads with gold chain. was a necklace and bracelet...

wooden/acrylic beads with gold chain. was a necklace and bracelet...

beads earmarked for something else. Actually similar but completely different idea. Potato Pearls & rhodonite with resin pendant.

Ugly! this had a focal pendant, don't know where it went. This one had to go.

Ok, so only the pearl sticks & copper heishi have stayed. Centre is sticks of MOP/Shell with balls of Magnesite(?) Got a pair of earrings to match aswell.











And lastly a favourite, that just needed a re-wiring .  It was originally strung on wire, as I wanted a fairly ‘stiff’ piece.  Problem was, it ended up too stiff.   So added more beadies and strung on tiger tail and now it hangs really nicely.

shell with copper. Before.After.


Next week is Bag Week!
Til next time, keep smiling 🙂