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It’s been twenty years….

Wait there, not that. I’m talking about waitressing, not a song.
Mum is a part of the Tasmaninan Quilters Guild, and last night was the Opening of the Tasmanian Art Quilt Exhibition in conjunctuion with TMAG (Tasmanian Museum & Art Gallery) where the quilts are all displayed. It was also the night for presenting the winner and runners-up with their prizes.

As is the way with openings of exhibitions there is food and nibbles available. And someone has to do the serving of such refreshments.
This came down to dad, myself and my eldest son.
Donning the old black and whites again we rocked up at 5 to help prep and by 6 there were plenty of people milling around.
I’d forgotten how heavy trays f drinks were, and was more comfortable with the food trays. There was only one small drink accident, and it didn’t involve the guest or broken glasses.
The small room that held 100 people .

Last minute prepping from the other Guild ladies.

A room full of people, with my dad in the foreground, and the Museum manager checking out his camera.

While it was a good evening – all packed up, cleaned and we were gone by 7.30 – I remember now why I didn’t like doing this back in the day.  Sure no-one was out rightly rude, but you are still a service person and they look at you as such.
I’m not so much bothered by it these days – something about being old and wise cynical I spose – and would gladly help out again if the need arises but I wont be in a hurry to look for a job doing this.
My eldest learnt a few things, at the very least he’s done something new.

And in other news.
While there will be no great party, there will be a small one.  For Melbourne Cup come the 5th of Nov. The race that stops a nation.  Apparently.  A horse race.  I wouldn’t know how to fill out the forms for betting, but us girls (and a few guys maybe) are having our own little dress up afternoon.  All for a 5 min race. Go figure.  So the tan in a can comes out and I am working on my frock and fascinator, or should I wear a hat???  And it’s all going to be pink! Would you expect anything else??  Sure I don’t follow the race that much, but I’m not going to knock back the chance to dress up, have a glass or two and giggle cackle laugh with the girls.  Fingers crossed the weather comes to the party.

I’ve found all these drafts lurking in the depths of my dashboard.  Some automatically got deleted, others I’ll look at and maybe re hash and show you, or decide they’re a draft for a reason.

School finishes for the eldest in about 3 weeks, he has one exam, and then he’s a free agent.  Wonder how many jobs I can get him doing???  It does mean he can work whenever they need him. That is his paid job.  And the annual school Twilight Fair is on in 2 weeks.  And then the other two finish 2 weeks before Christmas.

I’m sure there’s more, but I’ll leave it at that for tonight and hunt out a picture for today’s entry into The Box.

Have a great weekend!!