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I’ve been a very busy bee this week working on my Wraptures ready for Sunday’s (today) market.

Some things have worked, some have been pulled apart, there is a pile of wire scraps on my desk, and swear words floating in the air… then there is a small pile many little piles of beads and focals ready to be made up.  I have some major motivation happening at the moment.  I just have to get the same for the general household duties now make sure I follow that to-do list I made up.

Here are the results of my recent makes:

simple glass pendant on a chain.

Red focal with two rows of chain for added depth of colour.
Red Delight.

Something a little brighter - lovely red.

Blue stripes with ribbon and floating beads.

ribbon with two strandds of seed beads - free form glass pie.

Warped Blue Flowers

love this one. Chain, flowers and the rats tail fibre.

And my favourite of them all. Three strands of beads and two lengths of chain… my Pink Paradise:

More beady delights will be coming this week.  I’m currently working on a necklace of Fluorite, Rose Quartz and Amazonite with a lovely clear pendant, plus another with a blue clay pendant that will have 3 strands of floating beads… can’t wait to see how it turns out.

Keep smiling 🙂


Decorate the Decolletage….

While I scull down a coffee and think about breaky, a quick post  before I am out all day dealing with the masses at the local Middleton Annual Fair (post on that later and then tomorrow at my regular bi-monthly twice monthly market).

So, we’ve done earrings and bracelets, it must be time to show off a few necklaces… I have so many, which ones do I choose?

Long or short, chunky or delicate, (weird) organic or modern and contemporary….

Jade discs on leather

this reminds me of honeycomb - love the colour, almost edible 🙂

Glass Rose wiht dangles on multi strand seed & bugle beads



Rose Quartz & Swarovski


Keep smiling and have a great day 🙂