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Los Angeles. Qantas. And the Hollywood sign.

So here I sit, in the lounge, waiting for my flight to board. Wishing I could stay, but happy to be going home.
My second but better look at the great city of Los Angeles showed me a sprawling mass of suburbs, high rise, trees and many freeways snaking their way through hills and valleys, criss crossing the city in rows and clover loops.
I must say, I actually quite liked what I saw this time round.

As we taxied round the buildings I saw my first sight that home was close. The vision of the flying kangaroo very nearly brought tears to my eyes. But a grin to be sure.

Arriving in LA via domestic flight and leaving through International is a much easier way to do this. I actually enjoyed the experience of going through security this time (a story for another time there).

And so far, have not heard any Australian accents. Hmm, wonder how many are returning home like me? Should be a few, our ride is the Airbus A380.
And the Hollywood sign? I saw it as we flew over, from a distance granted, but there was no mistaking what it was.

It is Saturday evening US time, and I will arrive early Monday morning Aus time. Not sure where Sunday figures in. It disappears when I cross the IDL over the Pacific.



Waiting with my friends in Portland.


Los Angeles from above.


And that would be my plane.

Catch you when I’m back in the land under.


Checking out the US and Canada..

is it ironic that my first trip outside of Aus is with Virgin..?

is it ironic that my first trip outside of Aus is with Virgin..?

leg 1 - Aus to USA

The start of a whirlwind trip – I still can’t believe it!

Having a great week!