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Steak. How do have yours?

Is hubby’s birthday so after dropping the eldest off at school opted for lunch out, pub meal style rather than take away.
Hotel Soho is renowned for its cheap but quality meals and close to the city making it convenient for workers.
Hubby chose his usual fare of parmigiana and knowing we were doing fish and chips for dinner I decided the steak would be it. I always have to rule deciding between a decent properly cooked steak or seafood when we go out. I say properly rather than well cooked – the only way to have a steak is medium rare.

The waiters next question was what sauce did I want.
“None thanks, but do you have any mustard”
And this is where I get confused. Does no one eat mustard with their steak anymore?
Every time I ask this question, I get the same response. A confused look as though I was talking Chinese.
“I will ask and if we have it I’ll bring it out”
Now seriously, what pub or restaurant doesn’t have mustard in their kitchen?
I like mustard with my steak with a hot mustard. Steak is best pure with one simple condiment, and not drenched in some kind of sauce. Yeah, I could ask for less or on the side, but I prefer none.
The steak was perfectly done and came with a lovely mild mustard.

Tell me, how do you like your steak, and does it need sauce (which one/s) or is mustard the only way to go.