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As if I’ve not got enough to do already…

I knew this day would come, but I’m so good at procrastinating that I was hoping to put it off for some time longer. I finally filled my SD card on the camera – ok, that in itself is not an unknown thing, but on my walk this morning with the intent to take loads of pictures, the point was reached where I could take no more. I am usually pretty good and at the end of each month move and/or delete said pictures. Well, I’ve been procrastinating, not wanting to get stuck with this mundane job, that I’ve now got 1100 pictures dating back to November.
Eek!  So along with everything else I now have to sit and do it. Maybe that will teach me something. Well, of course it will, but will I learn from it, probably not this time round. 😉 I did get a few nice pictures. I’ve not had the inclination to go out with the camera, but an odd comment on one of my photos prompted me to get back out. It was the photo not the comment that did this.

So with less chatter, I’ll get another coffee and prepare myself to spend some time at the laptop. IMG_2471

Have a great weekend 🙂