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Sneaky preview

Cows have infiltrated my Box of Photos blog.  If you would like to see what they’re up to, head over here and check it out.  Provided they haven’t eaten the flowers or scared the dog away, there should be some pretty pictures to see.

Hopefully these guys are still there, after all they can’t get away very easily.

Fish on the wall

Fish on the wall

Bee-u-tiful Bags!

I guess after this I can start all over with more picture blogs of jewellery.  There will be some vintage things coming – soon.  There is one thing I have to do first, and you can read about that this week sometime.  It’s about worms.  And not the garden variety.
A selection of my bags…

Pure silk long purse with beaded fringe.

Denim with a strip of of pre quilted material c/- mum.

sold. Loved this one, bright and cheery like a spring/summer day.

Sold. Loved this one, but it was the first of it's kind!

Sold. Loved this one aswell... so pretty 🙂

love the heart handles on this one.

same pattern as the brown plaid one, just smaller.


large padded tote

Keep smiling (coz my next post is far removed from pretty pictures of girly things)  🙂