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A Pork Chop story from blog to reality

A response to a question I asked of another blogger revealed his favourite food was pork chops which made me hungry, and to realise I haven’t had pork chops for way too long.

And so while at the supermarket I hunted some down.
Nice, fat, juicy chops.

The recipe followed called for mash and beans but I’m a sucker for pork and coleslaw…

And because I’m also a greedy guts, I ate both.

Sizzling nicely in a hot pan.


And the end result.



Hope that doesn’t make you too hungry, but inspires you to get into the kitchen and try it out.

McMansion Monday and the week ahead.

Following on from the title, the dog now has a super sized kennel. I’ve nick-named it the Doggy McMansion for its size. An apple bin and a half, fully insulated, with plaster walls, and when were finished it will have a proper roof with shaded area on the grass for him, and guttering, and he even has a verandah. Spoilt much.
Putting it here from construction in the carport was a feat of brute strength. Picture a scene from some movie where kings are carried on thrones through the streets, a man (or more) at each corner. That was us. Thankfully the dog was not anywhere near his house.


For the rest of my week…
Photography – I’ll see what I can do. Nothing planned, but I need to get out there.
Crafty – there are felt bags to make, or at least try some test ones, a market to email and see if there are spaces available for this weekend and always things to make.
House and family – baking a few sweet treats and after a friend mentioned it, I need to buy some pork chops and do something amazing. Plus the organising of play dates, send hubby on his way and keep the troops fed, washed off to school, and getting the house shop shape for rental inspection (ugh), school photos for two boys,
Market – post market round up, start thinking on the next one, send out an email explaining some things.

Sounds like a pretty normal week for me, adding in the call outs to friends and appointments that invariably pop up.

Have a great one, and I’ll see you whenever I get the chance
Jen 🙂