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Sunday Short Story – The Cat

This week’s story brought to you by the photo below from AC Flory (check out her blog here).
This one took on a life of it’s own, I’m sorry, your cat turned nasty. This is not an indication of my preference for dogs. It’s all in the eyes here.
I’m not sure if writing in first person worked, as it changed to third person at the end.. let me know please.

pippi and the pool

I lay by the pool, the air warm against my skin, even though the sun was hidden by the storm clouds brewing. It was hard to breathe, the humidity filled your mouth with a heaviness rather than the welcome coolness of the post rain air. I looked up as movement caught my eye and was surprised to see the cat outside. It never came out. Especially on days like this. It was like a girl with frizzy hair. It’s fur just went mad, and it ran around like a lunatic.
Reaching for my drink and forgetting the cats weirdness I continued reading my book. I was at just the right placed and hoped I could finish it before the rain came and I had to move. The cat meowed, a strange noise, and I glanced in its direction then back at my book. What!? I looked again, it’s eyes were glowing and staring intently at me. Creepy, I thought, and turned around in the chair. More meowing, and then the scratching.. Stupid cat, what’s it doing now. And why is it sitting next to the pool. Cats hate the water, this one more than the usual furball.
Ok, I’m not a cat lover, they just rub me up the wrong way. As if they know something. This one though, seems to love me more than the average cat. Obsessively so. Ever since I moved in with my crazy aunt the cat has not left my side. I avoid it where possible, but am ever aware it is just there.
Half an hour passes before the weirdest thing happens. The sky goes from storm looking to absolute black, nasty clouds, but it was still light and daytime. Big fat raindrops went plink and plonk onto the deck and soaked my book in no time at all. Hearing a sudden roar I looked up to see some kind of whirlwind cloud above the house, and the creepy shadow of a person on the roof. I opened my mouth to scream, but nothing came out, it was like I was in a dream, stuck, knowing something bad was going to happen, but powerless to do anything. Turning, I see the cat had risen on its hind legs and it’s face had become some kind of devil creature, hissing and spitting. As if it senses me looking, it turns and slowly advances towards me. Knowing I shouldn’t, but unable to change direction, I walk backwards, not taking my eyes off the creature. That is no longer a cat. A noise, strange howling, from the house halts it’s progression, but I am powerless to move, despite having the perfect the opportunity. Just as quickly, the noise stops and the I am again faced with the hideousness in front of me.
I stumble backwards as it pounces, like I’m a mouse or something it wants to eat (really? This is now I die, being eaten by some hideous cat-like creature) and there is is one thing on my mind as I sink under the water for the last time……

“Muuuuuuuuummmm” the scream makes me jump, and I realise I’ve fallen asleep, my book on the ground where I dropped it.
I look around, the sun is still shining, a few clouds making shadows on the pool, and the biggest one, my son standing over me with a puzzled look on his face. “Are you having nightmares again mum?”
“It’s day time, they’re day mares” I mumble as I shake my head to try and rid it of the heavy feeling still lurking there. “And what did you want, is your sister smashing your Lego again. What’s behind your back, what are you hiding?”
“Oh, nothing, let’s go for a swim, and Lily is sleeping, no need to worry about her”
I stand, and stretch, and realise I am somewhat sunburnt, shit, that’s going to hurt tomorrow. As I turn to take a dive into the pool I notice several things at once. My son has this strange look on his face, our cat has wandered outside and is siting right on the edge of the pool, and Lily, at 2 years old is standing inside the locked pool fence, watching. I take a step forward and there is a flurry of movement, the cat, my kids and something connects with my head. The last thing I see as I sink beneath the water are the shadowy ghost like creatures above me

The police found my body two days later. It was in all the papers. “Single lady, drowned in her pool under mysterious circumstances, with an unusual wound on her head. Another victim of the house it seems. Her cat was nowhere to be found, but there was evidence of children’s clothes and toys through out out the house despite none having lived there for 60+ years, when the trouble first began”


I will make these adjustments to the original post (The Snow) but the picture for that one came from The Professor, over here.

Happy Birthday Mr T

My apologies for the mistake this morning with this post. I did it on the phone and then the photo didn’t come out so I sent it back to the drafts folder.
The below is what I had written.
(Nine years ago I was worrying that “it’s gonna hurt”. It had been five years after all. From what I’m told, over the next 90 mins or so I enjoyed the gas a little too much before my little bundle of joy devil arrived. And a devil he is.
He is a whole ‘nother child altogether, but so funny. He has a way about him that the other two never quite got to.
As is our way, he got to choose his dinner, and picked Pizza Hut. But we couldn’t do it for lunch, “it has to be dinner, but not Sunday coz that’s a school night” How can you argue with that).

So that was my first thought post about Mr T’s birthday. We had our pizza dinner (yay, I didn’t have to make pizza) after I spent the afternoon making a double batch of peppermint chocolate cup cakes for him to take to school on Monday. There was also a yummy recipe on the front of a magazine I decided to cook – jelly marshmallow slice. It took all day and I was still finishing it at 11pm.
This morning I was up early ready to make a birthday cake, another slice and then do lunch.
All was cruising along nicely, I was busy and I was loving it. It’s been awhile since I’ve done this amount of cooking and I’ve gotta admit it, I miss it. Things changed shortly after.

It was bright and sunny, Mr T and his friend were outside on the trampoline, and then it happened. He came in crying and holding his head. A drink, some panadol and sent to bed to rest for a minute results in several vomiting incidents and then a sleep. Mild concussion was what came to mind. My eldest played Xbox with our visitor while Mr T slept.

We sat down to lunch – hotdogs and pizza swirls – minus the birthday boy. Oh yeah, Happy Birthday!!

It was around 2 when he decided he was better. I know this, mainly by the fact he came charging into the kitchen with his block of chocolate wanting to scoff it down right then.

A water balloon fight was then ordered and later we took two little men to the pool. Mr T was more than well enough and had a ball. On the way home we stopped at Maccas, boys had a happy meal and I decided I badly needed a coffee. I wasn’t going to ask, but if we were going to call in then i would have one. I was told I deserved it – after all that hard work this morning and then having the man of the moment not even being able to enjoy it!

On going to bed this evening, he proclaimed it “nearly the best birthday ever”
Well I’m happy with that 🙂


What a day!

After a chilly start the day ended up being absolutely beautiful. And I was over dressed and ended up being so bloody hot. Dammit, I can be so blonde sometimes, how long have I lived here and yet I still can’t figure out the weather.
After losing my son and his friend – they were watching the clown show and hubby just didn’t go there – they took off to said friends house to the pool (“I am soo hot, I need a swim!”) on the condition they didn’t detour (not likely) and that I would pick them up later (later came later than expected).

I choofed off down the hill and found entertaining in progress, “yes i’ll stay for a drink, don’t open anything specially though” chatting for a bit then as I am dog tired I hassled the boys to get ready… ” stay for another” No. “Go on…” No. “Oh dear, look its already open you have to now” she says as the lid is flicked into the bin. Bugger, ok then. Still tired, I make my leave as soon as I’m able (threatening friend wont be coming if they bugger about, works a treat) and drive the 500mt back up the hill to my house. Half finished drink in the console.

I munch on some chips and guacamole while I get stuck into the net. Trawl through the emails that have multplied tenfold since this morning, returning to those I read (giving you an extra number on your stats bar) to comment, check out the twit and FB, pour a glass of red, work out what hubby will do for dinner – yes I got the night off, no he didn’t cook, that won’t happen in a hurry – as he heads out to pick up someone from work at KFC, yuum…. And keep trawling.

Phone rings… “What are you doing?” Slowly getting pissed with a glass of red. “What, first you have cruisers now a glass of wine?” Haha, yes I have a wine, I’m drinking slowly, enjoying it.
And writing some kind of blog while I think of what I am going to write for real, maybe tonight, maybe tomorrow.

Have a great evening, or morning to my northern friends 🙂