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What a Triumph!!

So, long story short.
We have the most awesome motorbike in our carport – that Speed Triple Triumph from previous posts – and a second hand shop gave us a lovely surprise with showing off a red jacket and pair of boots that needed a new home.
I can say that a wearing a jacket and boots that fit properly is so much more comfortable – Β and it means we can go out whenever we want!

IMG_1983 IMG_1985

And the icing on the cake….IMG_1978

Be warned, there will be biking stories coming your way.
Jen πŸ™‚

Word a week challenge – PINK

Folding washing, reading this post, the following picture presented itself.


And because I know how much some people just love pink, the non inclusion of all pink items seemed the best course of action. Believe me. There are A Lot.

Jennifer πŸ™‚

(Photo from htc phone)

Monday Music Madness

After moving my stereo into the kitchen (I now need to find a remote for it) I needed something to make my music louder when playing it in my craft room. Between the iPod and iPad I can charge one while paying the other, or play and charge one item. Whatever combination rows my boat.

A little bit retro and perfect in pink – the other choice was a ghastly orange on black – the sound quality is as expected for the price and certainly better than not having it all.




Waking up to the pink blush of the sun’s first rays…

I’m nearly ready….


I made a mistake and had to make this from memory… so not too bad. But thinking pale pink might look better.
There is a puffy box to make too.. could be cute.

And why does the weather have to be shite now!!? Raining, windy and Cold!Β  And market is on tomorrow…