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A bad back and a pile of books

I am a bad mother. Well, a bad nurse when it comes to my kids (and me) being sick. Hubby is better at that than me. Thankfully, we are not sick very often so my nursing skills are not regularly called on. Also, this means that very little medication is kept in the house.
Aside from the usual suspects of headache pills if anything happens we have to go and buy it. Now, generally I don’t mind this set up, except for yesterday. I hurt my lower back in my gym class (it was not directly from gym class, but that’s where it decided to kick in) and aside from the wheat pack of hubby’s, had nothing to curb the pain and there was no way I was going to be able to drive anywhere (we are close to 30 mins away from the nearest chemist). I could barely stand to walk, let alone sit in the car and drive anywhere.
Did you realise how many muscles are used and/or affected when you are driving – specially changing gears. Each time I moved my leg for the clutch I could feel every muscle that moved, to say it hurt is an understatement. And it drove me nuts. All day. I felt fine. But just couldn’t do anything. Nothing worse really. That must be what it’s like when you are really old, the odd has given out but the brain is still sharp as a tack. I am a rally bad sick person. I have too much to do to be bothered laying around resting, unless of course I am seriously puking or otherwise incapacitated.

I did not like this, I have a market on Sunday, I have to go. I think I should get some pills.

An early night and the heat pack helped, I felt better this morning. Then I got in the car. The movement of twisting when getting into and out of the car, that hurt. I made sure I brought Mr 9 with me as the bit of shopping I wanted to do required carrying bags, and that would not be easy.
I passed the chemist several times before I figured I should probably go and get something. (Bad patient??) Voltaren, I love you. A hour or so after popping the first few, yipee. Well I’m not exactly doing cartwheels, but the pain has subsided somewhat…

I picked up a lay by of four books… Hmm, only to be added to the pile of other books (and kindle books) bought and not yet read. Do I really need more books. I like to buy them, so I can read them at my leisure. I figure that if all else fails then I have plenty of reading material to keep me busy. I think there may also be a book review or two coming up. I haven’t really done much on that front lately. But then I’ve not read many books either. I love reading, but sometimes find it ‘wasted time’ to just sit and read. I know it’s not, but I always feel the need to be ‘doing’ something, not just sitting reading.

20130309-162736.jpgpile of books that includes two ‘fluff’ pieces, my usual murder and mayhem, a heavy duty piece and then my kindle on the top with several of each genre waiting patiently…
I’m currently reading the yellow book, which one should be next on the list to review?

May your weekend be a good one and pain free ūüôā


don’t we all love being sick…?

Really, who enjoys being cooped up in bed, especially when all you’re doing is sleeping.
It all started Friday night, with a glass of wine*.¬† Just a little, as I could feel the ‘head’ coming on, and really didn’t fancy having one glass knocking me flat on my back.¬† That’d look real good wouldn’t it.

Thursday night¬†I had¬†a¬†crap sleep, and Friday I was feeling, weird, all day. I couldn’t put my finger on it, just weird.

So, Friday night, after my wine,¬†as I now know what is coming my way,¬†I take one of those cold ‘n’ Flu pills that are either for¬†night or day use.¬† I must have been¬†sick as during the night while wiiiide awake, I wondered if I had indeed taken the wrong pill. There was sleep happening, but not enough to feel any kind of rested.
Yup. Sure enough when I checked the packet, day pill gone.

First thing I said on Saturday morning… “I’m not going anywhere today…” which thankfully was met with agree-ance.¬† No arguing on how I was feeling.¬† My boys all left the house (to work and visiting friends) and my routine began: sleep 2 hrs, get up, more Panadol¬†& drink, sleep 2+ hrs… repeat¬†4 times and finally rise at 5.30 when they arrived home¬† – wanting their pizza for dinner. What?!¬† thank goodness for pre made bases and 2 boys who helped. Hubby looks good, although¬†slightly uncomfortable with a rolling pin.¬† He makes everything food-wise look awkward.¬† Gotta say though, they were the best pizzas I’ve made in a while. ūüėČ

Nothing like spending all day in bed and looking like death warmed up with a really Bad Hair Do when you greet people at the door.  Feeling like your head is about to explode and tired enough to just curl up in a corner and sleep.
Son #2 asked if I felt better, son #1 said “you look like shit mum”, gee thanks Ryan.

Nine thirty comes and this time I check the packet and get the right pill.  Hoping it was going to knock me out, I chilled with a drink then went to bed.
Ha!! Not likely, took me ages to get to sleep and still didn’t sleep well.¬† Maybe I’d had too much already..?¬† I don’t think so.

This morning?? Bounced out of bed.¬†¬†The best part of being sick, specially a 24hr¬†thing, is the feeling when you wake and know it’s all gone.¬† That feeling of energy, and actual¬†willingness to do things.¬† A shower and food just tops it off, and you’re ready to face the world.
Woohoo!! Laugh and scream and run around like a lunatic – well, you don’t actually do it, you just want to.

There’s something about the way your body recuperates that is just so cool. How it just knows there’s something wrong and if you don’t listen, it makes you.¬† Knocks you for 6 if it has to.¬†And keeps you¬†there til it¬†says “ok, you’re ready now”.
I’m not often sick (thankfully) so when it happens I try to¬†‘bask’ in it… yeah right, like that works.¬† I have the original Mr Nice guy.¬† So sympathetic he is.¬† Not.¬† Sure he cares in his own way.¬† But as¬†I don’t get ‘man-flu’ it’s not that bad apparently,¬†and I just have to soldier on.¬† I can be grateful that the last few times I’ve been sick, he’s been home to care for the kids…¬†Plus I have way too many things I need to do this week¬†to be sick anyway.

Hoping none of my southern (hemisphere) friends are getting sick while my northern friends are enjoying the warmth (sticky humid yuck) of summer ūüôā

Jennifer – smiling once again ūüėÄ
Chillin’ out with the radio playing their Sunday 80’s Night while I write¬†– Rock on!! some real corkers¬†in there with the¬†good stuff.

*(I have 6 free bottles that I need to review for Naked Wines Aus. Maybe a Wine review post for another day).