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Fish day

I had a post all sorted for yesterday, another “my day in pictures” but everything went a little off the rails, and I was too far gone to be bothered by the time I was home, fed, drunk (with coffee) and spoken with hubby.
So today for Food Friday, which is also Good Friday (I’ve written about my hypocritical stance on this here) so I thought a picture post would have to suffice.
The cake I made for lunch didn’t look very good (thanks cranky oven which burnt the outside) and I forgot to get a picture of the totally delicious chilli garlic prawns I made for lunch.
My dinner, a slab of salmon (my all time favourite fish) with a tiny side salad.
Pan fried with globs of butter, garlic and seed mustard, it was devine.
Hope I don’t make you too hungry,
Have a happy and safe Easter whatever you are doing.
Jen 🙂

Gorgeous plate up


Totally devine, cooked to perfection.

And all done. I’d buy it more often but like to keep this as a treat.

Time for drip feeding again.

I’m going to be busy this week so tonight I plan to organise a few picture blogs to drip feed you over the week… 

Hubby is away for three weeks (staying out on his days off instead of coming home) so I plan to do heaps of things in that time.  The list maker is ready to make sure the time is used wisely.  Along with 3 markets, 1exhibition, numerous trips for sons 1 & 2 and my own things.

Keep smiling 🙂