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I’ve been marketing

Marketing as in visiting rather than attending. As an attendee I rarely get to actually visit markets these days. I love scouring stalls and hunting through boxes to find that special piece. Piece of what? Whatever. I have become better at this and aren’t just picking things up coz I like them, but really making sure I need them. Makes the purchase even more satisfying.
Markets have changed so much in the last few years. They used to be predominately second hand goods with the ‘fancy stuff’, the hand made items few and far between. Nowadays though, that’s what it’s all about. Hand made, niche markets. There is a place for both no doubt about it.

Back to the beginning, I had a day off form markets, so what did I do? Went of to visit some. A little bit of everything today.
I started this morning with a Farmers Market. I went purely to look as this one has a really good reputation and their website is brilliant. We rocked up (I had mr 9 and eldest’ GF, miss 17) and going on the number of cars it looked promising. I was sorely disappointed with what greeted us. It was a strange set up. The stalls were designed as boutique and almost arty but we were in and out in ten minutes, and that included chatting with a stall holder and buying mr 9 a snack.
Next stop, back tracked 20k. On parking the ‘ladies’ was required, then coffee and a wander. This market is like a huge garage sale/flea market/car boot sale, it is stretched out over a large car park and inside the hall. The inside of the hall, was home to most of the hand crafts, or old lady stuffs.
I asked one lady where I could find the coffee and her response was that there was no restaurant on site. What? So I ask again, which direction, is there a coffee van? Another strange answer, so we leave and head towards the visible food vans.
Once coffee was in hand, we wandered up and down the aisles. I found the best bag! Surprise surprise, pink and bright green tulips, it’s gorgeous, roomy and for $5 an absolute bargain. $1 bought me a tiny pink basket I can use on my own market stall.


Lunch was had starting with Maccas drive through and finishing under a tree in a park where we met up with a friend and her two kidlets. By this time the weather was hotting up, around 27C, which for this time of year is just awesome.

Next stop. , a new boutique market in an outer, Southern Hobart suburb.
It’s coffee time again, and oh, look, I parked right in front of the van. This market is at the other end of the spectrum. Nichey, strict application process, but a full on marketing regime.
And that’s where the fun ended. No vibe, bland looking and very quiet inside the hall. There were some very cool, and definitely different products on sale, but there was still the feel of same same.

And that’s where my day ended. We went home, dropped eldest at work, his GF back home and then collapsed on the couch.

Of course, when you picnic, there are usually some hungry friends wanting to join in….


how much is too much…..?

I’m talking about kitchen utensils here…

I had a baking yesterday, something that has not been done for a very long time and to which my second son said to me “DO NOT leave the baking for that long again”.  I will agree with him as once into the swing of it remembered why every week I would spend several hours of the morning doing cupcakes, slices and the odd cake…

Any hoo, back to what I was talking about.  I was hunting through my drawers and the utensil holders looking for something and being convinced that a box had gone missing during transit (still think that as there are things we cannot find and I know I packed them…) when I re focused and noticed how many spoons, spatulas and tongs I had.
Does a person really need this many bits and pieces??

Consider how organised I usually am I am surpised it got to this state.  I figure that when we moved in I was in too much of a hurry or just plain impatient to get it sorted I didn’t think about it.

my utensils - before.

So today, I emptied the drawers, the holders, the bucket and got to figuring out what was used.   I am a bit anal with some things  so I have a group of spoons (slotted, non slotted, ladle) + spatulas + whisk in both plastic and metal.   Once sorted into their groups I noticed there were a few double ups – def not needed –  so a whole group of them went into the picnic box ready for those camping trips (where I am WAY too organised for any eventuality).

sorted & ready for their new homes.

I now have

  1. a baking drawer – scales (electronic), measuring spoons and cups, mini whisks, rolling pin, patty pans… you know the sort of stuff
  2. a misc drawer – medicine cups, egg cups, lunch bags….
  3. and the drawer with the other bits I will use but not on a regular basis – more tongs, ice cream scoop, pizza wheel, peeler… etc

The Baking drawer

There are now only two utensil holders near the stove, and the two knife blocks I use.  It looks much cleaner and I know what I have and NOW where to find it.

My miniscule stove/sink area - now organised.

Do any of you have a similar situation… too many bits that you really don’t use or those bits you buy coz you may need them later….
I am happy in the knowledge that aside from a slow cooker, a kitchen aid mixer and a new electric frying pan, there is nothing else I need or even want for my kitchen.  I have it just the way I want it.

til next time, keep smiling 🙂

Ciao, Jennifer