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Alfresco Saturday – Huonville

It’s been a while since I’ve done this, so here’s one I’ve tried before. The coffee through the camera taken by the phone.
Huonville, 10.30 am.
Windy, sunny, cloudy – you name it it’s happening.



A list of lists, of what to write.

I am a terrible list writer. As in, I write lists. For everything. Not a writer of terrible lists, although I must admit, some are not lists that should be written, but I write them none the less.
They keep me organised, I feel safe with my lists.
I may be exaggerating somewhat, I have seen others who far surpass my list writing. But it doesn’t take away form my love of lists.
If I can put it in a list I will.
If not, I will re-write things to make a list (ok, that’s not true, just about everything will fit into a list somehow).
I write lists
– for camping (when we used to),
– for a day trip,
– groceries (I ALWAYS take a list to the supermarket),
– jobs around the house to fit in with my other list…this becomes a sub list on the master list.
Anything and everything. Yes, even a list of what I can list.

Most things are in a list in my head, and don’t get done. The action of writing them, so they are visible and therefore made instantly accountable means they get done. I’ve had jobs in my head for months, but I never did anything til I wrote them down. Then it becomes a further sense of accomplishment when I can cross it off.
I have lists
– on my phone,
– the ipad,
– the whiteboard,
– pieces of paper.

The next list to write?
– House inspection coming up,
– my back-into-the-gym-after-6-months routine to work out,
– things to discuss for my Market,
– new music for ipod…. the list goes on really.

Where will the list of lists end. I can picture it now. I’ll be 80+ years old (fingers crossed) and there’ll be a list of pills to take, funeral do’s and don’t’s, and everything else I’ll be forgetting to do otherwise.
I am all of these and more.


Good Morning!


After 5 shots I finally get one that looks like what I see.
Have a grea day.
Jen ūüôā

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Random things before the New Year begins…

This has been in progress for nearly a week… I start, I stop, and have finally made myself stop everything else¬†and to¬†sit¬†and finish the last blog for this year… ha, I love this time of year, ‘see you next year…’ etc is everywhere, sounds funny, even if it is only a few days away.

So a few more random things that I feel like sharing, inane, silly, profound (never, lol) and certainly not deep and meaningful.  Final year fluff to read from me.

1: I made my very first Gingerbread house for Christmas.¬† Now I wont be winning any prizes for construction (nor my son for his¬†decorating skills) but it looked like a house and I now want to make another.¬† Lesson learned though… melted sugar hurts like the be-jeezers.¬† Nice little blister on my ‘rude’ finger.. lol

Ta-daaa! Our house.

2: set up my phone and laptop for sync-ing.¬† By myself and by all accounts presently, it has worked!¬† Of course these things are pretty easy, but as I’ve said before, computers and me don’t always see eye to eye, so I am always proud of myself if I do it without any outside help.

3: Am procrastinating on a tyre changing marathon…. no, not how many I can do in a set time, but an awkward front to back swapsies with one jack…

(let’s go like this: jack up back, skinny tyre off, broken mag on, jack down/jack up front, mag off, skinny wheel on, jack down/jack up back, broken mag off, good mag on, jack down. Car fixed)

Ok, job got done (good workout, as those mag wheels are quite heavy) and then it went off to get two brand new tyres (I feel safe now)

4: I am going to try really, really hard (coz I get distracted so easily!) to start the year with Vintage. Bags and jewellery.  Then to work on Upcycling.

my new Vintage Bags, to go with the Jewellery book (just need the Vintage Accessories)

5: Dislikes it coz I’m usually the only one who eats them, so bad for me with the big appetite, but great, coz I love eating Xmas lunch leftovers (all that ham, dip and sweet things, like a gingerbread house, although¬†I can share that one….)¬†mmmm.

6: Wonders whether my hubby actually¬†goes to work¬†or if he is on some kind of holiday.. lol. He sent me an email of the Christmas Menu they had… OMG more like a 5 star hotel.

7: A busy time ahead… New Yeas Eve, hubby home, Mr 15’s friend arrives for 12 days from Mt Isa,¬†we visit my sister in Smithton, then 2 weeks rest, a market or two where I can fit them in, the big Middleton Expo, school starting back¬†and then my friend from the US arrives for 2 weeks!¬†¬†¬†Think I’ll need a holiday¬†after that. ūüôā

8: I get bored easily. ok, not the ‘I have nothing to do’ variety, but the ‘short attention span/want to try something else/see another bead or piece of material and I have to make something out of that’ variety.¬† Hence the reason I am changing my beady ‘space’ around. Again.¬† And for some reason, the way I have it now, can’t believe¬†I never looked at this positioning before.. doh.¬† But also coz there seemed not enough ‘room’ or ‘space’.¬† I was starting to feel cluttered and closed in.¬† Also the reason my market table/s seem to change so often.¬† I think¬†I have it right and then see another prop and have to have it, so more changes are made…. gotta keep people on their toes. lol.

9: back to my phone, did I say I love it already..? trying to make things easier, searching the apps (omg, don’t talk to me about apps!…) and that in itself is hard work. Which one is right, will it do everything¬†I need it to… so I have now have 6 different shopping list apps to gradually try out, gotta give¬†each one¬†a few trips to decide.¬† But have got a great exercise one – Runkeeper¬†– might keep me motivated.¬†¬† After all I will see it several times a day, every day.

Think that’s enough fluff and random things for one year… so keep smiling and I’ll see you next year! ūüôā

Jennifer xo