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A strange, but glorious spill of nuttiness.

I feel like I’ve neglected all my loyal readers. I’ve been so busy in the lead up to the market opening, and everything else, I’ve had no time to read any blogs, let alone comment and write my own. I have things to say, just no time to actually say it.

I’ve missed one day on my photo box, kind of on purpose. If I was comfortable of showing a picture of me looking rat shit then that would have been yesterday’s choice. I’ve missed taking photos, getting out and just wandering around.

I had a mini breakdown on Tuesday last week, and my partner in crime, was having hers last night. I know that on Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning I will be a stressed out mess, nothing that a drink or two won’t fix. And a good sleep.

We are fully booked for our first market, but now we need the people to come along. I’ve sorted ads for the local papers and this morning emailed off ads for radio stations – free community announcements are our friend. Lets hope they pay off.

Monday we put up signs, Tuesday I had a committee meeting for the local community centre, I’ve been de stashing beads, making orders, and attempting to keep the house in order. Thankfully hubby is home. Calms me down, but he can stress it with the best of them.

I’ve got stories in my head to write, pictures to take, posts to write, work, and socialising (gotta keep sane somehow). I’ve got loads of posts in my head, pity I don’t have time to write the idea, but I tend to write brilliant posts in head, and when the time comes to put it on paper on screen, it just never comes out with the right words. Or, it is too long after the fact and I feel it’s not relevant anymore.

My community centre work is not a huge lot at the moment, I am way too busy to do more than attend meetings – I had to turn down a sub committee last night for that reason. I know my limits. I tend to get ‘Westwinds head’ as it makes me think in a way I’m not used to. My partner said the market does that to her.

As I’m writing this, I just recognised that ‘putting pressure on myself’ thing. I was thinking abut making some new brooches, and then went “when will I have time?” Saturday is pretty well a write-off with market set up and family commitments, Friday? There might be a few hours, Thursday? Again, a couple of hours, but I have to also do house stuff, pack my own market boxes, and then probably spend half the day out in the city. At least I can write if I get the motivation to.

I’ve become a bit of a sludge monster. Beached whale. Feeling stodgy. Aside from a tad more exercise, I know what I need to do. I have to get back to the gym, but we are playing semi regular tennis. Although do what want, I’d have to play non stop for several hours. I looked at my diet, and it’s not that bad really.
I’m to a huge chippy or chocolate fan, soft drink in very little portions. Is even easier if its not in the house, I can’t eat it. M kids need to cut down on it as well.
My killer. Carbs. Toast, sangas (sandwiches), rolls, and then there’s the potato, rice and pasta. I’m or going to cut it all out, that would be a killer. But severely cut down on it. Tiny portions of the latter, and very little of the former. None for breakfast, and whole grain when I do. I’m working on a 3 week turn around initially so see how it goes. It certainly can’t be a bad thing.

Life goes on, things will ease up, and then, as they do, go heater skelter on me.
Hubby will come and go, or go and come in this case.
School will finish for the summer, eldest will get loads more hours at work (and hopefully his licence), I’ll have more work at the PO, Christmas and new year will arrive and round it goes again.

I decided I wouldn’t edit this, it’s as it’s come out of my head, in all my glorious nuttiness.
For my regulars, please know I haven’t forgotten you, and thank those who’ve commented but I’ve it replied to, I’m reading my favourite blogs, and I’m so sorry, but had to delete a whole slew as they kept piling up and I had no time.

A friend in waiting
Jen πŸ™‚

And coz I can, a random picture.


The Undomestic Goddess – book review

This book is an easy read that doesn’t challenge you too much. A story about love, life and work balance. A super sized Mills and Boon but better, with more character development and less of the ‘risquΓ©’ sex scenes. There is mention of Feminist issues. All a load of hogwash. I find those that are staunch feminists are doing more of a disservice to the cause than the quiet types who just get on with it. But that’s a post for another day maybe. It’s about being able to make that choice, and wanting to make that choice. Not sending women back to ‘dark ages’. It’s about being able to ‘look out of the window’ as the main character herself says. Nothing feminist about it. Those people think too much.

Samantha is a high powered lawyer in London, with an IQ to match, who has one dream. Becoming Partner within the company. She lives on take away and sends all her laundry to the dry cleaners. In short. All work and absolutely no life what so ever.
Then the best and worst possible thing happens, all on the same day and her world falls apart.
Escaping the world she currently knows, she finds herself thrown into a job of which she has no idea. She doesn’t know what an iron is, or how to do more than boil a kettle and make toast.
Her story of self discovery is sprinkled with a good dose humour and some of the conversations are hilarious.
Life is good but then her old life returns and threatens to ruin it all.
Will she follow her heart or her passion and skills as a lawyer with everything she could ever dream of?
A fun and easy read that to some extent asks us to think about what it means to be a woman in certain roles and can we have it all?
Me? I’m happy ‘in the kitchen’ a my boys put it. I certainly don’t feel degraded, used or any less a woman for doing so. My take on feminism is about basic equal rights and pro choice on everything, and not being made to feel guilty or wrong for choosing.

The Undomestic Goddess by Sophie Kinsella (the author of The Shopaholic and more fun stories).

All book reviews are written as a post and then copied into the Book Review page. As you may have seen, I have quite a few books to get through. My next book will the The Forgotten by David Baldacci and then one I have on my kindle that I promised to read and review.

Happy reading, πŸ™‚