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it should not look like this….

I spent a good 4 hours or so playing with my clay, and pasta machine. Did I tell you I love it!!
Smooth even thickness, strips all the same size… just brilliant. I can’t wait to buy one and actually make proper pasta…
Anyway, enough of that… into my kiln they go, I was worried about it being too vicious for clay.  Baking glass requires temps of 800C, for an hour total. Clay only 100-150C for 10 mins.
I got my answer pretty quick. Way Too Vicious!
Burnt clay puts out the most vile and toxic smoke and smell…

I had made some Wraptures and also tried out layering shells with clay so they were more a blue shade.. they were pretty.  They are not pretty anymore.
I failed at this one.  I think that $25 toaster oven will be mine very soon next week.  A Big W job (similar to KMart for my overseas friends).

Here are the pics, before and after… all I can say is that I am glad it was only the shells.

aren't they just beautiful?

not sure the kiln should look like this... easy to clean, a little sweep with a paintbrush..

and the piece de resistance….



Holy shit. In the space of about 2 seconds, it went from at temp to off the scale with smoke pouring out… this is why you need good ventilation.

Keep smiling… well maybe later I will..  😦