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more inane nonsense from the kitchen of me

is this a lack of more meaningful things to write, definitely. The things to write part, not the meaningful bit.  Life is chugging slowly along here at the moment, very little excitement.

I was cleaning around my new stove top – which means removing everything from that particular bench which gave me an epiphany. See, it doesn’t take much to … everything I was thinking was going to sound dirty.. hmm, keep me happy (will have to do)

That was it, all my recipe books came down, the bench was covered, screw drivers appeared to move cutlery hooks (which was greasy and icky from being under the exhaust fan. Now clean and being used) and oh, about an hour later I had finished.
The stove is practically bare, aside from the major essentials, the recipe books are in my pantry – leaving only the most used ones and chopping boards, paper towel and pot mitts are close but not in the way.  And I like it.
I am surprised by this as I like to have everything near me as I cook, but even I had to admit defeat with this weird little kitchen and do something about it.
The best thing is my walk in pantry. Love it!! So much room.  It would be perfect if I had my fridge (it has to live in the  laundry as we’re using the ‘house’ one – which is as ancient as the house) and a dishwasher. The electric kind! not me, or the kids, and def not hubby. Sorry babe.

Of course now I need to spend a full day sorting and cataloguing my recipes.  All those magazines, and torn sheets of paper.  Maybe I should get real and keep only what I am likely to use.  Bah! there wouldn’t be a book in the house if that were the case.  My boys are all boring!! when it comes to food.

I know someone will be very happy with this, I have too much clutter and stuff apparently, and this person is not regular a user of the kitchen. Can you guess who??






Oh, and I really don’t like the microwave up there either. Aside from me being short, it’s dangerous, but I have nowhere else to put it.

Happy baking 🙂

it’s now a pot roast!

We love silverside. Or corned beef. Whichever name you call it, it is delicious.  Boiled with herbs, vinegar and brown sugar, onions, garlic and carrots then served with mash and white sauce.  Mmmm, are you hungry yet???

With a hot plate out of action and not able to put my beef on the stove top properly, I went looking for a new recipe.  My favourite website came to the fore again (taste.com.au) purely for an idea and confirming whether my thoughts were correct or not.
I was happy as I was correct.  I could put my meat in the oven – it’s called a pot roast… imagine that.  So tonight my very first pot roast got cooked.  Yes, laugh if you will.  After 20 years of fending for myself I have never cooked one.

Now, this would normally be the part where I show pictures and explain what I did for prep.
What I actually did for prep was ring the house (we were out at the time) and have a son put it in the oven to start cooking.

We got home and the smells emanating from the house were divine.  Potatoes were prepped then tossed into the pan while I then read some foodie mags.

Even though the meat was half-frozen in a matter of two hours it was cooked to perfection… juicy and easy to carve while being crispy on the top.

I am now wrestling with the decision of how to cook it next time… roast or boil.
On request from #2 son I will be making a rub and marinade for the next one.

How do you cook your silverside/corned beef  or pot roast?  Any favourite marinades or herb mixes you use?

Keep smiling 🙂