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Race day at last.

Pre race prep:  That would include eating well, minimal exercise and a good sleep the night before:
Ok, so the eating well.  Yeah, well enough.  Having the munchies this week didn’t help my prep much.

The light exercise, I did a light jog yesterday.  And as one fitness instructor said, I can’t get fitter for this race, so relax and enjoy it. Yeah right.

A good nights sleep… Hahaha. Someone had to work til 10pm which means I’m not in bed til at least half past. Later if he has to count his till (register). Don’t forget it’s a half hour drive each way to his work.  And then rising at 6!  (I was in lala land by 11.30, had an interrupted sleep and was up at 10 to 6.)

I am nervous as you-know-what, even just typing this I feel queasy (there is another reason for that also).   I know nerves are good, but as I haven’t done a race like this before. Ever. I am more than just a little nervous.
Wait til tomorrow morning. Eek stressing out to the max. Where’s that good nights sleep   when I need it.  I so wanna just crawl into bed now. (It’s currently COLD, WINDY, WET, ie: disgusting weather, and I have go out in it, ugh)
So tired, stressing and nervous, not sure it’s a good combo, but once I’m there and ready to go, it’ll be fine. Please tell me it’ll be fine.

Not sure what is happening after the race and walk, but right now I’m thinking a shower and a nap.  Maybe I get the boys to make pancakes for lunch… Mmm sounds good.  (Never mind pancakes, a toasted sandwich and left over pizza tasted really goood!  Besides, I wanted lunch now, not in another hour, lol.)

Fingers crossed for half decent weather.

Race day:   Sunday morning I woke to beautiful sunny skies raring to go.

WT… What planet are you on?   No, I felt awful and the weather was still disgusting.  I really didn’t want to go and I didn’t want to wake the kids.

By the time we got to town, it was nice enough and there were plenty of people out and about.  One look at some of the competitors and I was wondering just what I had got myself into.

definitely not the best picture of me, and freezing cold aside, I look half happy before the race…  🙂

Collecting my number and timing chip was the easy part.  Then we had a brief aerobic warm up before assembling on the track.  There were a good 100 or so runners, many of them who do these things competitively.  Which showed when I was barely halfway round and they were finishing the race (28mins).
Once we set off, I was feeling decidedly unfit just getting out of the car park, but once I settled into my rhythm it was all good.
The hardest part was not the small but sharp downhill run to the 8k turn-around, but the trek back up the hill.  And this was done twice before heading into the stadium and finishing with a lap round the track again.  I was soo glad when I had finished that hill the second time.
Not knowing the exact distances, but checking the map, I figure I only really walked no more than 2k total.  And that was just on the uphill bit.  I pushed through, one foot in front of the other….

Coming back onto the stadium track I thought I might have more left in my reserves, not so, but I did manage to overtake one lady on the last curve and did a mini sprint for the last 50m… yay.  I’m pretty sure I got in within the hour, but if not, it wont be much past it.  Tuesdays paper will herald the results, and it will be interesting to see how many people there were and where I was in the field.  Not at all competitive.  (there is a 5k run in 3 weeks that I would like to do now, just have to figure out what hubby is up to that week).

So after starting the morning by gulping down a coffee, the 2 bananas and sports drink I had post race went down very well.
I am pretty happy with how I went considering 5 weeks ago I could hardly run 1k, running at least 6.5 is not bad.  Imagine my time if I do it next year, (which I have already said I want to) with all the training I can do.

Post race picture to come when I know my time and when my friend emails it to me.

Keep smiling 🙂