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Time to walk it out.

This is how I was feeling when I started my walk this evening… moody and dark.

And this is how I felt near the end of my walk, a little lighter and much cheerier. Not quite glowing, but reflective.


The pictures (from my phone) are a bit dark and not so clear on the laptop, but the sunset reflecting off the clouds and dam was quite pretty.
Jen  🙂

another blog…?

I have been thinking lately, not sure if that is a good thing, about maybe having a separate blog just for my photos. The idea would be that I still do pictures and their stories here but then have another purely for showcasing photos. Posts would be a title, a location and then just pictures.

There would be some duplicates of what is here but it will be all types of pictures, (from my Marcato blog, and maybe the Woodbridge Market one as well) not just nature. Putting my best pics forward.
Is this a good idea, going for a different genre of follower or is it too much.

I started this train of thought after trawling through all the themes for blogs here trying to find one that i can include some sort of gallery on my page where I don’t have to hassle with codes or needing to change the pictures in a pic widget. (royal PITA). Something that would highlight the pictures, make them stand out.

While my new Marcato blog is good,  I’m still not 100% happy.  The post layout under the top post is not what I want.  I might change it again, probably back to the Twenty Ten theme, although I should upgrade that to Twenty Twelve.
I do like this new layout, Coraline, as the pictures are good, but may go back to a single side widget.

What do you think.  Is a fourth blog worth having a look at, (pun somewhat intended) just for photos or is it too much?

Jennifer 🙂

Flowerpot – as seen through American eyes

This time last year my friend from Oregon came to visit for two weeks and I have now have some photos she took of our old house – inside and out. She is a fantastic photographer and has taken some beautiful shots. Enjoy Chris’s take on my childhood home. (And the ones my eldest took of us)














Good Friends are keepers. When you find the right one, never let them go. 🙂

Aussie Aussie Aussie oi oi oi

While I hate the saying, (reminds me of drunken yobbos at backyard parties, as heard from across the fence, not from actual participation) I am Australian, and it is Australia Day, so it’s my call for the day. Saying that, if I were anywhere else in the world at a sporting event I would be chanting as loudly as the rest.  Here at home, not so likely.

There are many that have called it Invasion Day, but today is all about celebrating what it is to be Australian, and our wonderful multi cultural people’s.  As well as any excuse to have another day off and spend the long weekend fishin’ and drinkin’ and proving just how yobbo many of us are.

We have a freedom that knows no bounds (well maybe it does, but that sounded pretty cool) and the wide open spaces that showcase some of the best scenery in the world.
A lifestyle that is casual and friendly (mostly) and food that reflects it. Yeah sure we eat one of the animals on our Coat of Arms, but it shows how completely we love our country we are (hmm, not sure about that one).

We have a knack, or rather a skill, at being able to laugh at ourselves and take the mickey out of everyone else, the all the abbreviations to go with it.

We live on an island paradise, with wide dusty plains where all you can see is the horizon shimmering in the distance, rainforests to delight and beaches to rival the worlds best. Our sunrises and sunsets are among the best and scenery is a photographers paradise.
We also have more deadly animals than (just about) any other country and are a continent all of our own.
What better place is there to live??

So I shall finish my Vegemite toast and wish all my expat and current Aussie friends a very Happy Australia Day.

(For new readers, check out last years Aus Day post here)


Nature Calls

Just a few pictures from around the yard and our walk along the beach today. The weather has been so beautiful lately, as you can see that gorgeous blue sky. I always take my camera and you get to see the results I like of what I’ve captured, or if I can show you something new.












(That is the moon in the picture of the dead tree, the last few were taken at 9pm (I love daylight savings!))

Have a great day, even if it means wishing you were somewhere else for the weather… 🙂