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My Green Thumb

If there is one thing people have said about me, I can gaurantee it wouldn’t be that I have a green thumb or am any kind of gardener.  I don’t garden. Simple. If I weed, it all comes out.  If I prune, it gets chopped back to the ground.

That being said, I am starting a herb garden.  You what??? Are you serious? You want to have a garden?  I know it may sound odd to those that know me, but  I have always wanted to have my own ‘kitchen garden’ and I am now in a place and time and definitely the right mode to get started.  I plan to have a few different herbs (parsley, basil, garlic, chives, coriander, rosemary…) and maybe stretch out later to the old basic tomatoes and lettuce.

I have the place and the ‘pots’ – old corrugated iron rounds + a small fenced off plot or two.  The job is simple: weed the garden, buy some (mushroom) compost and a few trays of seedlings.  That easy.  Well, yes and no, easy to say, hard work to do.  We’ll then see how they grow.

Garden area before.

I trip off to the hardware: compost: check.  Seaweed fertiliser (stinky): check. Plants: check –   Parsley (Continental & Italian), Basil, Coriander, Pink Rosemary, Oregano, Spring Onion and some Cherry Tomatoes.  Let’s get to work!  I’m ready to roll!

My plants ready to go.

The morning started (at 8am with the mower (my ‘tractor’) being turned on) with shifting the trees  my hubby had cut down for me that used to be hanging over the driveway.  I work on this up til lunch to get as much done as possible but still leaving plenty of time to get my herbies in.  That was the main point of today after all.

Off into the paddock with the tractor and  trailer I start pulling out the bulbs and digging into all the grassy heaps to find some soil.  Not much around here that isn’t too sandy.  On our block anyway.   Half filling the trailer – after taking the top layer of grass off – I head back to fill my tubs.  Not as easy as I thought.  The trailer was a little heavy on one end and while trying to put the wheel down to be able to move it by hand, over she went.  Oops!  Got it sorted and moved some dirt.   Dug into the other iron tub and under the grass top found some mulchy dirt that looked ok (fingers crossed) and added that in.  A layer of compost dug through finished with a good watering of stinky juice.

I start weeding the fenced in section and find that the last garden growing there was full of the goood stuff, well mostly. I found the tickets for Broccoli, Coz lettuce, Honey Snap Peas and Brussel Sprouts (eeww!) and still standing a few bunches of Rainbow chard (silverbeet) which I left there.  Yay, at least I know it is possible.  There is hope for me yet 🙂

Rainbow Chard still standing - not sure if it's going to be edible.

Tickets left over from the last garden.

The soil in these two sections was really good, and fertile, several fat worms as evidence.  It’s amazing how much better things look when they have been tidied up, even with the fence still up and the weeds mostly gone, it looked great.  The fence was ripped down – partly to make it easier to weed and plant – and the area looks really good now.

Garden area after. Still a way to go, but so much better.

As a non gardener by this time I was starting to enjoy myself and felt confident that I might actually do this, and grow some veges.

Plants are in their rows and watered, hands filthy, trackies dirty and wet, I’m sweaty and achy but I felt like I had really accomplished something.  Now to keep the water up, hope they don’t drown in the next rain shower and in approx 6 weeks I should have some herbs to use.  Yay!   And for the cost of each plant, it has already saved me money at the supermarket (so long as they grow :-}).

There are two or three other areas that now need my help to look better.. but they can wait til next weekend.  I may end up with the whole kit and caboodle vege garden yet.  But I think I should wait and see that the first lot actually grow before I invest anymore.  One of these spaces has some boards around the edges, these are going to be moved to the section I just planted as the plastic surround is falling apart.  Plus I may just re-do the fence so I can still get in and out but keep the wallabies and possums out of it.

Maybe my hubby is right, gardening can become quite addictive and I wont be able to stay out of it. Oh well, I’ll just have to add gardening to that long list of thins to do…

I’ll post more as they advance and you can watch my garden grow.

Til next time, keep smiling 🙂

Ciao, Jennifer