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It’s Mother’s Day

It’s Sunday here in Australia and Mother’s Day. I’m not getting any presents. No meals will be prepared for me today. I will still be doing household things, and making sure everything is ready for school tomorrow.
I love my mum and everything she has done for the four us kids. I have nothing but admiration for single parents, yes parents. Even single dads who have mostly/all custody have to be mum sometimes. Especially if they have daughters.

Today though I have a different take on it. Mother’s day isn’t about presents and material things. It is about the being of a being a mother. It’s how I feel about being a mother. Especially now they’re teens.

Mother’s day is everyday my kids talk to me. Without grunting.
Mother’s day is every day they smile and high-five me.
Mother’s Day is everyday they let me hug them, without the grumbling.
Mother’s Day is every time they thanks me for something.
Mother’s Day is the odd times they do things, completely without being asked.
Mother’s day is everyday they wake up, healthy, and reasonably happy.
Mother’s Day is every day knowing I have raised pretty cool kids.
Mother’s day is everyday when we poke fun at each other, and still laugh about it.
Mother’s day is everyday.


Sunday Hug Day

I know some of my bloggy and FB friends are having a hard time at the moment so
I think a little hug therapy is needed.
In my house I am the queen of hugs, come to think of it, I’m the only queen in my house, so … whatever.
A hug a day is a good thing, even if my kids don’t always appreciate it.. It’s when you say you don’t need one that you really do.

The following cards (these are only but a few) were given to me by my sister, and are meant to be taken light heartedly…although Im sure you could work a few into the guilt trip if you wanted too 😉

Find your partner, parent, kids, friends… And share a hug today.
Sending huge virtual hugs to my friends ((hugs)). Jennifer









And lastly…