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Christmas Cake Trifle

To state the obvious, Christmas is nearly here and this year I decided to make a Christmas cake. Then I changed my mind and thought they would be cool as mini cakes or muffins.
All went well until they hit the oven. I had my thoughts, but now I know, the temperature gauge is fooked in my oven. Between the Fahrenheit on the oven itself and the converter thermometer I bought they do not match up and success is becoming increasingly harder each time I bake.

Trifle in Australia is a traditional summer dessert and is on many tables comes Christmas time. While there are now recipes to cover every taste and desire, a basic trifle is a layer of broken up cake soaked in brandy, set jelly that is chopped into squares or just spooned over in lumps topped with fruit, custard and loads of whipped cream. Best made or prepared the day before the allow the flavours to develop.

My little Christmas cakes didn’t quite work, slightly over done and just not right. So they will be crumbled and topped with a port wine jelly, fruit to be decided then the custard and cream.

My cakes before their transformation. They may not look too bad here, but I’m not happy. You’ll have to wait until Monday night to see the end result.


Enjoy your Christmas baking 🙂


Tasty Tuesday

It’s starting to look like a week of ‘things’ for each day.
And today I was baking again. Being Tuesday I head out to town with Mr 13 so dinner is prepared early – something that is good to reheat.
Today, I started with Tuna pasta bake. Basic and easy. Tuna, pasta and a cheese sauce, baked in the oven. Did I say how easy it was?

A friend on FB was doing her own baking and that got me thinking. I wanted to make some mixed berry muffins, and decided that with my mini road trip on Thursday, mum and I can take some with us. Hopefully there will be some left. So I made blueberry and raspberry muffins. With patty pans, and not bits got left behind this time.

I was well in the mood to bake by this time and decided that I will spoil my boys make sure they eat something halfway healthy on Thursday when I’m not there and hubby has to feed them. So a savoury tart was baked as well. Quiche, tart, either or.
The muffins were done while the pasta cooked and I prepped that and all the dishes and bench tidied while the quiche was cooking.
And then the boys arrived home. Peace and quiet no longer.

Wait there, is that one missing I see…? Yes, it was good too.

Ahh… Dinner, yum.

And dinner for my boys on Thursday…


Scrumptious Saturday

After our little drive into town and back Mr 8 asked if we could do the baking before dinner instead of after… Yes, we had enough time so out comes the recipe book, bowls and ingredients.

One bowl…


And the ‘flavour’ for the others….


Add wet to dry ingredients…


And bake.

I now remember why I didn’t like doing raspberry muffins. They lose their bits in the trays…


And all ready to eat.


(And coz I’m all organised the dishes are done and bench clean, pizza bases are rising ready to make (thankyou mr 13) and I’ll soon be leaving to set up my tables for tomorrow’s markets).

Have a great day or evening 🙂

Hot Cross Good Friday

First up – Happy Easter to all.   Regardless of how you celebrate, be safe and have fun! 🙂

A week or so ago I posted about going on a baking frenzy this morning making all sorts of Hot Cross gooodies… I am now exhausted. And the weekend hasn’t even started yet. Several coffees, sinks full of dishes (washed as I went – I have to do it) and flour all over the bench and I have some extra yummy Hot Cross Muffins (yummo!) Buns – yes I’ve got the yeast thing working and then a Hot Cross Tea Bread. Tea Bread?? I’ve never heard of it either, but it seems to have worked, it’s quite heavy but if you wait a minute I’ll take a bite… mm, gobble, licking fingers… yeah, it’s a fruity tea bread. Very nice indeed.

Last year I started using yeast again after not having done anything since college.
Read here about that one.
So I am now a seasoned yeast user (hmm, that just sounds weird) so I was more than confident in wanting to make my own hot cross buns. That sounds a bit cocky, but I think you get my drift.  Yeast can be difficult to work with (like kids and animals… ) because if the liquid is too hot the yeast dies and not hot enough, it just doesn’t work and you end up with rock hard bread instead of light fluffy bread.

With coffee in hand on the bench I got to work on the buns.  Yeasty bubbles in the milk – Yay! and then while it was proving my little helper and I made the hot cross muffins. No yeast in these and in 45 mins were finished and out of the oven.  Icing crosses (yeah, kind of crosses) were spooned on and I cleaned up.

yeasty milk mixture - co-operating. It's nice when things just work.

muffins before....

While the buns were still proving I was able to get the tea bread yeasty going.  Again, bubbles all over the milk means a happy cook here.
The buns were cooked and glazed and while my tea bread finished rising  I walked the dog & took a bun and muffin to friends at the shop down the road.

odd looking buns reading for their second rising

Bun Bread in the oven, I finish cleaning and thought about lunch – I was starving. Four hours, 2 coffees and a walk certainly works up the appetite.
Mini tin of tuna with crackers  and some tea bread, more coffee and, I should probably come clean. I cheated.  ~hangs head in shame~  I have said that we don’t follow Easter religiously except for the Fish thing. Don’t ask me why, it’s just what we do.  But I grabbed a meat pie from the shop while I was there. It was very good.  And the boys have had nachos for lunch too.

Fresh soft, yummy hot cross bunnies 🙂

buns, muffins and bread... all ready to devour (let's hope those fussy extras that are coming will help us eat them)

The recipes are rather long for these items, and can be found pretty well anywhere, so I wont be posting in the recipe page.  If you would like one I can post it up or email it to you.

Happy Easter to all 🙂

Bananas, Carrots and Pineapples….

Cleaning out the fridge the other night (& tossing things even the dog wasn’t going to get, some were furry, euck) I discovered an inordinate amount of pineapple.  How did I end up with so much. We really only eat it when hubby is home for his pizza.  One lot was slightly fermented, again, euck!  I’m not usually so slack with these things… and then there were bananas.. Mr 7 saw them and that was that. “…can we make cake, can we can we can we..” with those pleading little big eyes. You should see them, huge!

So with those dastardly looking bananas Mr 7 and I took to the baking.  He made the banana cake pretty well all himself while I set about hunting out a recipe for pineapple muffins…Carrot and Pineapple muffins to be exact.

measuring carefully...

The cake is a little flat, more like a banana slice really, but my muffins turned out superb.  Despite loving a good carrot cake I was a little apprehensive on the combination here.  Not to worry – they are fab!!  Topped with a bit of butter and falling apart… yum.

fresh out of the oven...

I used my well used and well trusted muffin recipe, it takes as long to mix as it takes to melt your butter.  And 20 min in the oven.
The key to a good muffin is not to overdo it.  Combine ingredients til they are barely mixed and you’re ready to bake.  I can almost guarantee they will be soft and moist 🙂  Gotta be gentle with them. Accurate mesauring also helps.

a little butter and.. ~mmm, crumbs...mouth full~ ooh, sorry, did you want some?

Taken from the book “The family Circle recipe Encyclopedia” (complete illustrated guide to cooking).
My recipe is as follows:  this is the basic plain recipe (i’ve never used it) and I’ll add the extras for my two favs, the cheese & bacon (with chilli) and now the carrot & pineapple.

Ingredients & Method:
heat oven to 200C/400F/gas 6

1 3/4 cups SR flour (self-raising),
2 Tbspns castor sugar &
1 tspn baking powder.
Mix well.

75gr/2.5oz butter melted,
1 egg
3/4 cup/6 fl oz milk.
beat well and add to dry ingredients.

Combine both til just mixed and spoon into 12 muffin tins, filling to 2/3 full and bake til cooked, 20-25mins.

to make cheese and bacon.
cook 3 rashers finely chopped bacon til crisp
1 cup grated/shredded tasty cheese
reduce sugar to 1 Tbspn.
Add to dry ingredients and mix.
I like to add some chilli sauce to the liquids to give a bit of bite.

for Carrot & pineapple.
1/2 cup each shredded carrot and drained crushed/finely chopped pineapple
1/2 tspn ground ginger
add at the same time as other liquids.

Happy baking and enjoy 🙂