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Is it really that time already?

Wow, how the time has flown! It’s Halloween already which means one more sleep and I board the first of 3 planes for my trip home. The long haul of 27 hours from Portland, Or, USA to Hobart, Tas, Australia.

My two + weeks have been the most incredible I’ve ever experienced. I’ve seen some of the world’s infamous sights – Grand Canyon, Sedona, Mt St Helens – and some of the most beautiful country side, rugged coastline and I can’t forget the stunning colours as the trees change.

I’ve eaten new foods – or new combinations – driven on the wrong side of the road – quite the strangest experience I’ve had for some time – been called British on several times – not an issue at all – and being drilled about all things Australian – from my friend’s husband mainly – christened myself ‘the gift shop queen’ and amused a new friend with my ‘fancy selfies’

The last three days have been very long, and very busy. Long times in the car, some bad coffee, lots of laughing and the destination becoming the journey. Or was it that the journey became the destination?
Either way, good times with my friend, her husband and sister.

One day I’m on top of a mountain, the next I’m attending my friends wedding.
The next week, I’m in the snow on top of a lava flow, while the following day finds me standing on the beach in front of the Pacific.
And just over a week before I’m wearing shorts and getting a tan in 30C heat in the desert surrounded by cactus.

I have hundreds of photos to go through and if I get time to look at them properly now, I will spam your inbox with numerous posts. If not, then when I get home and find my head space, as I’ll be hitting the ground running.
For now, please enjoy a few shots of my latest little adventures.

Did you say volcano? Yes I did!

Today was another long one, with a trip to see one of America’s and indeed the world’s, famous volcanos.
Mt St Helens.
The drive there took us through some of the most beautiful countryside I’ve seen in a long time, and the changing colours of Autumn made it even more spectacular. The colours here are so much richer and vibrant than we have at home in Australia, or at least where I live, and are just magical to look at.
As we climbed in elevation the scenery changed to that of desolation and devastation but one coming back full of re growth and life.
Each time we stopped for photos the air was a few degrees cooler, and become increasingly sharper as we approached the end of our drive.
We were talking about the valley below, and a waterfall across the valley when I saw peeking through the clouds my first glimpse of the iconic mountain. To say my reaction was excited is putting it mildly. I was like a kid in a candy shop. Check it out, although there is not much to see, it blew my mind. To be right there, to see something so majestic and is the best feeling.

From that point, around each corner almost was another view, another chance to see the mountain, covered in snow, and looking resplendent.
Right at the end of the road was Windy Ridge Lookout which I climbed while my friends stayed in the car (they had done this before) and it was cold. Like biting winds that went right through you and put colour in your cheeks, freezing your fingers.
By the time I got back to the car park my head was spinning from the altitude (and excitement) and my throat was sore from the cold air, but four layers and a thick scarf meant I was toasty warm otherwise. The wind was strong enough to notice. but not so I had to brace myself against it.
Let me tell you, there is nothing like the biting cold and being in such a place to make you really feel alive. The grin on my face at the top was the result. I was in heaven.
And I got there right in time. As I was finishing taking my pictures, the cloud came in low, smothering the mountain.