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So many moves, so little time. Apparently.

I’ve been tidying those annoying boxes of miscellaneous papers and rubbish and found a small sheet with a column of abbreviations down the left hand side. To most people it would just be a weird collection of letters, to me, I knew instantly what it was.
A list of the places we have lived.
And it’s scary.
Hubby and I skipped the whole share house (kind of) thing of living with friends for several years before finally moving in together.
We jumped straight in, at 18, to co-habit with another couple. Granted that didn’t last long and were soon living in their own place.

The list shows 17 places over the course of around 22 years.
Thirteen of those with kids. Slowly gaining a new child every couple of houses.

We moved out of house #4 while I was pregnant with #1.
So the nearly 17yr old has lived in 13 houses. (And been to too many schools).
Number 2 came along at house #9.
Son number 3 arrived at house #11 ( our second time here, and my third. It was the house I grew up in).

Eight years and five houses later we are back in Tassie and in house #17.

While I am competent and organised when it comes to packing and moving houses, I am really not wanting to move again. Although into a house we are actually buying would be ideal. And by then I might say stuff it and get the removalists.
This may come as no surprise, I don’t mind moving, the hunt for the house and then the fun, yes, fun, of moving in (even with kids) is almost addictive.

So just how many schools does that mean..
Lets see. I went to two. K-10 and then college. Hubby has a whole list.
Mr 16 has attended 9, including this years.
Mr 14, 6 and Mr 9, 2.
Lucky Mr 9 will have the least as he is now in the same school I went to, and has 7 more years here before he leaves gr 10.

All of us have attended the same school at some stage.
The local school at Woodbridge goes from kindergarten, ages 4-5 through to Grade 10.
I spent my entire school life here, second home and all that.
Hubby spent a couple of years here in early high school – little did we each know at the time – and both the older boys spent time here before we moved to Queensland.

I am really happy that they all spent some time here together before anyone moved. It was lovely to get school photos and see the three of them, just like the photos of my siblings and I…
I was like coming back home, in more ways than one. So many familiar faces and my Gr 5 teacher was still there. He retired and left shortly after we arrived… Hmm, coincidence…??

So it brings me to the end of my Sunday reminiscing, I shall head off to check out the super moon, and then getting everyone ready for the start of the school week again.

Now many houses have you lived in, or schools gone to?
Jen 🙂